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    The green stuff.

    Okay, i'm aware we have a drugs thread but i thought this could be classed as a seperate debate. Mods feel free to delete or merge if appropriate. Do you agree with Cannabis? Do you smoke it on a social/frequent basis? Do you think it should be legal or stay illegal? If so, why? I'm going to...
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    Chelsea Thread (2015-16)

    I'm confident we can give these more of a run for their money next season with a good summer window. We need to be at it from the first whistle as we all know these fuckers will be. I can't see them changing their style, much of the same from the back end of last season. No big signings for...
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    Slovenia v England.

    Mods feel free too merge/delete if necessary. After that breathtaking friendly last weekend, How do we think we will do today?
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    Bit of a pointless thread if you, like me, are not the slightest bit religious.
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    Pre match thread: City v Southampton

    Last game of this season. Hopefully end it with a bang. Looking like we have 2nd nailed on if we get at least a draw (persuming arse win their last 2). Hasnt been the best of seasons but say what you want, we're still finishing top 3... Hart Zab. Demi. Mangler. Kolorov Fernando Nevas...
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    Swansea vs City pre match thread

    This will be a tricky one, they'll obviously be high on confidence after that arsenal win. Theyve been pretty solid and hard too beat at home (minus chelsea) they'll want too try finish Above sot'on and try and get into europe I'd personally start with the exact same line up as the QPR game...
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    Having a good season for Arsenal, Only 28, would be ideal IF dzeko or Jovetic ever left in summer, would easily adapt our style of play . Thoughts?
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    Manchester city v Hull city pre match thread

    Couldnt see a thread for this so thought id make one Hopefully that chelski result will give the team confidence and can hopefully kick start off a winning run. These look piss poor at the moment and it is a game that we were should be winning quite comfortably. Anyone know if nasri is back...
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