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    Any car mechanics.....

    Got any contacts in the 'Alternator' world? I need one for a Range Rover sport hse on an 06 plate. Done some searching on internet and such like and seeing if anyone on here has any contacts in that field? Thanks in anticipation
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    Enough is enough

    Can blueprint and dicktictac be fucking banned for the wum's they are,amongst others,or are they going to be allowed to take the piss permanently? Everyone knows they're a pair of cunts but yet they still remain. Wtf is all that about?
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    Who was better, Northside or MC Tunes?

    The only poll that bites!!!
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    Relegation for Everton?

    A few Evertonians i know have been venting their spleen recently re events at Woodison. In fact they have predicted, if their form continues as it is, that there is a possibility of..........dare i say it........RELEGATION. No decent forwards, no signings apart from poxy loan deals, no signs...
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    Safe standing SPL pilot

    Apparently the SPL are considering allowing clubs to pilot safe standing areas. Should be interesting?
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    Moan when we want...

    Not happy with a certain song? Do you think the way the pies are being served at half time are arrogant? Getting beyond ourselves due to being happy as we're top of the league? Well if any of the above apply to yourself then put your moans/whinges/gripes on set of miserable...
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    Football trivial tw*t of the day

    THFC thingy. That is all.
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    Arthur Scargill Dead?

    Just thought i'd even it up seeing we're celebrating the potential death of people. Can't wait for this wiggy yorkshire twat to croak it. Throw Kinnock in as well for good measure.
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    Kevin Parker,is he the new Dave Wallace?

    He's on SSN more than Mike Wedderburn lately!
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    Happy new year or Rosh Hashana

    To all our Jewish blues,happy 5772.:-)
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    What's your biggest regret?

    Following on from the 'biggest fear' thread what are peoples biggest regrets? Could have been a job opportunity you didn't take? A girlfriend/boyfriend you ditched? Mine was a trans-atlantic love affair. She was in Baltimore and i was here and it was mid 80's so back and to across the...
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    Newsnight couple of minutes.

    Report on the Qatar world cup bid shortly and the alleged backhanders. I'm sure Sepp has got it all under control though.
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    Exorcising the ghost!

    Following on from Didsbury Daves 'top 5 low points' and the subsequent comments. If there was just 'one' result you could airbrush from the clubs history, which would it be? As previously stated, mine would be Luton at home when we were relegated.
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    Who's leaving early on Saturday?

    During the game that is to 'beat the traffic?' Just to avoid any confusion, should we leave ater 80mins just like home games?
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    Billy Meredith, tooth pick gimmick or did it serve a purpose

    Discuss? Personally i thought he played better with wood.
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    Top blue

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... hion_label</a> Watch this tonight and see Jean...
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    The Fulham grocer isn't happy.........obviously!

    Lifted from the Daily Mail Fulham chairman Mohamed Al Fayed flips but backs Mark Hughes with January funds By Simon Jones Last updated at 11:02 PM on 25th November 2010 Comments (0) Add to My Stories EXCLUSIVE Mohamed Al Fayed has vowed to back Mark Hughes in the January transfer window after...
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    The diary of Mark Clattenberg, aged 12 3/4's

    24/10/2010 Today was a special day, i feel alive again - truly alive...........I thought id made it all too obvious in the Blackburn game, i thought i'd blown my chance to screw over City on a bigger stage with more media attention. But fate opened her loving arms and along came the Arsenal...
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    Fergie out!

    I wish he'd come out and do his press conference. I've got a right turtles head here but i don't want to 'dash off' and miss it.
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    Sighing in the East Stand!

    What is it with our support? During the match yesterday in the East stand level 3, block 306, i heard somebody nearby who sighed during the game. This is typical of the 'nouveau' brand of fans now attending the games, what is it with them as it never happened at Maine Rd and you never get it at...
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