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    Mancini on the tube.

    Nice to see my twitter pic doing the rounds.
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    Other Fa cup matches

    No they wouldn't. You look at Leeds record against U*d over the last 30yrs and it's shit. You could count their wins on one hand.
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    Spawn of Beckham in Chelsea Trial

    For who? Dad or lad or both?
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    Joy Division or New Order?

    I forgot about Degsy. At least your memory is still intact;-)
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    Joy Division or New Order?

    McCulloch singing ceremony at G-mex was met with a few bottles and chants of 'you scouse bastard' if my memory serves me right? Think you may be right re depeche mode touring together. They did tour with U2 over there. Bono the worlds saviour was having to take their 'used' lady followers the...
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    Joy Division or New Order?

    I saw them with the bunnymen at Columbia Uni in the states in 87. The only downside being Gene loves Jezabel on the same bill!
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    Joy Division or New Order?

    You sir are correct re where Rob sat. MES,he died the day of the Wigan away play off game. May 15th.
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    Joy Division or New Order?

    DD, i didn't think you'd have fell for me throwing that bit of bait out? Or did you see through my game?
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    Joy Division or New Order?

    Ha ha,oh how we used to chortle at that. All publicity is good publicity;-)
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    Joy Division or New Order?

    They're alright i suppose. Can't say i've heard much of their stuff.
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    @STANDAMF on twitter

    Don't forget to mention the sticker campaign in many coffee shops around The Netherlands?
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    Full Kit W*nkers

    I thought Petit hung his boots up years ago?
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    @STANDAMF on twitter

    But he's a lightweight in the pub!;-)
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    Anyone Care to Value this lot for me?

    Try doing a list that is correct and doesn't repeat players names and then somebody may be in a position to assist your request.
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    Wiggo plays guitar

    Up market karaoke?
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    Fletcher in tears as sacked Plymouth boss

    But he's doing a great job at Barnsley.....oh wait..!
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    Full Kit W*nkers

    The Canal St branch of the Blue Alliance if i'm not mistaken?;-)
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    Leeds Thread (Merged)

    Re: leeds And for some reason people think they have a decent record against Utd, they don't.
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    How did the club promote seasoncards in 2012?

    By Aguero securing the premiership with practically the last kick of the season. Best advertising in the world.
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    Van Persie

    I take it the wi-fi is better at the boleyn than the etihad for you to send this mid-game?
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