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    Premier League Quiz on Saturday

    I’m planning to do a live Facebook Premier League quiz on Saturday at 3 to fill some time during an international weekend during lockdown. It should last around an hour or an hour and a half. I did three during the last lockdown and the only complaint was that they were too hard so it may not...
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    Sexual failures

    In an attempt to right the wrong of last week's "Screenshot your phone" thread, @Blue Mist challenged me to come up with a better thread this Friday. I hope this is better; Tell us about a time when you completely failed in your sexual exploits. A time that you would go back for a day, a few...
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    Screenshot of your phone

    What do you have as your phone wallpaper? I’ve always had pictures of the kids until recent but have had album covers and posters that I had as a youngster recently. Just set this beauty...
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    What age would you let your son have a couple of drinks at his mate’s sleepover?

    Had an almighty row with the missus over this. I don’t want to give away what’s happened at the moment because I believe it can distort the discussion if the OP gives too much info away.
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    Song from 10 years ago

    Sorry mods - Driving me crackers. We started a song maybe Northern Soul about 8-10 years ago: The sun and the mirror are far too bad. We don’t love you no more. Something along those lines. Pissed and obsessed at the moment.
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    A catch all term to use when describing rags, dippers or tarquins. They’re all the same. They all believe their clubs do things “the right way” whatever the fuck that means. They believe the shite written in the media, they believe lies about City regardless of the truth being freely...
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    Retrieving photos from a windows phone

    I’ll say it first - served me right for buying one. I’ve got a Nokia Lumia phone that I used up until about 3 years ago. I’ve gone to get a photo off it recently but there was no life. I’ve left it on charge for hours but it doesn’t get past the windows logo. There are precious memories on it...
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    Other teams’ new kits

    A lot of kits have been leaked so far. Looks like the rags have ended up with a horror show, dippers going back to green edging in the home, Tottenham back in yellow away. I can’t wait to see some of the new German kits like 1.FC Köln and Eintracht Frankfurt. I tire of the nervous breakdowns...
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    David Silva’s Testimonial

    I know it could be a long way off but I’d love City to sort it for a Saturday afternoon at 3:00. Too often, our games are moved at short notice and those who live away from Manchester have their plans thrown into chaos. The players will need a couple of warm ups before proper games resume so...
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    Yorkshire is more beautiful than Lancashire...

    ...there, I said it. I’ve been in North Yorkshire again, Whitby in particular. The entire region is stunning. Is anyone going to disagree?
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    Has our fan base become spoilt?

    On page one of this forum, we have the following threads; 1. Is the game bent? 2. VAR debate 2019/20 3. Seasoncard for sale (because of VAR) 4. Request a bet: VAR to disallow a City goal 5. Will VAR lead to increased football violence 6. Is it time for SKY to ban Gary Neville from commentating...
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    My lad has been to Kavos over the past week for his first lads’ holiday. I agreed to drive from East Yorkshire to Manchester airport to pick them up on Sunday morning, a little pissed off that it meant no Wembley. On Friday, the clown phoned his mum to say that he was actually flying home on...
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    I need a quote from a joiner today!

    Sorry about this MODs. You can delete as soon as I get sorted if you can give me a couple of hours. We have an ongoing, genuine insurance claim after water escape. They’ve agreed to some plastering, decorating, flooring and joinery but I need a quote from a joiner today so I can settle and pay...
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    Restarting after a goal...

    I was reffing my lad’s team today and a series of events caused a lot of controversy. We were 4-2 up with 10 minutes left. The opposition scored, for the ball out of the net and raced back to restart. They got underway and with 2/3 minutes left, equalised. Again they got the ball and legged it...
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    Burton home ticket information

    Can anyone see it? The app is shit so I can’t see prices and it’s not on the website yet.
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    VPL Advice

    Hi all, I’m a complete useless twat when it comes to averting my eyes when out in public. The difficulty of not having even a glance to see what kind of briefs, if any, are being worn is almost always too much. Occasionally I’ve groaned out loud “Sweet Jebus” to the obvious dismay of the...
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    European match weekender

    For my 40th in October, me and a group of mates are looking to go away for a weekend and watch a match in Europe. Dortmund was the favourite but I contacted them and it seems like we have no chance of buying tickets from them without paying €62 for a membership which doesn’t guarantee us...
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    Anyone remember... Wrexham 6 City 1 friendly 1996 getting leathered 6-1 by Wrexham in a testimonial match, late 90’s? Just talking about it but can’t find any mention on google.
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    The calm before the storm

    The two previous Premier League titles were won on the last day of the season. Tonight we prepare for a day of celebration. I feel so lucky to be heading off to the South Stand in about 14 hours. Enjoy this blues. Those older blues amongst us were just waiting for these days to return. My lads...
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    Dzeko song

    Heard a song about the Liverpool title run in yesterday that ending “and we sang Dzeko”. Anyone able to help with lyrics and a tune?
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