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    UEFA Champions League Gameweek 5 | November 28th/29th

    How can it be “out of the silhouette of his body” if it literally hits his body simultaneously? Ludicrous. Glad it was overturned.
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    Rishi Sunak

    Not a bad idea actually. Why don’t we just draw a big circle in Parliament Square and Rishi and the Greek PM take it in turns to lob the marbles, trying to knock the others out of the circle. Whatever you knock out you get to keep.
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    UAP/UFO thread - Claims made that the US has an extraterrestrial object

    Same, I always hope this is the one that cracks it wide open. Then it inevitably turns out to be an article from like… or Foilhats News
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    UEFA Champions League Gameweek 5 | November 28th/29th

    Even UEFA know it’s a farcical decision but we still have people somehow defending it. If people think that is handball then we might as well all pack up and go home because we’ll never agree on anything. Handballs have to be intentional and that has always been the law - fuck the guidelines...
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    UEFA Champions League Gameweek 5 | November 28th/29th

    A properly pathetic decision. What more can you say? The referees are playing a different sport to the rest of us. No sane person who understands the first thing about football would call that handball.
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    joke thread....

    I just accepted a new role, heading up the operations of Old Macdonald’s Farm. I’m the CIEIO.
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    The Rise of The Green Party

    I like the Greens on principle - I voted for them once when it was politically convenient to do so (local election). But they are not a party who has the practical means of actually achieving their goals if they were to get into government. The best demonstration of this is their totally...
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    Running the length of Africa

    He is still going… As of last update he’d just entered Benin, where they’ve stopped to pick up more visas. Up to that point he had run 208 marathons in 214 days. And that includes a lengthy stop to get visas sorted to enter the DRC. The days he’s actually running he’s averaging 50km+ a day...
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    They are insecure, but I was more laughing at how proud they are of being thick as fuck.
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    Lol that's embarassing. Really revealing a lot about the average rag fan.
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    Premier League Games 25/26/27 November '23

    It is a stonewall, unfortunately. Stupid from Young.
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    Premier League Games 25/26/27 November '23

    It's really fucking weird to me that Everton have chosen us as their enemies in this whole debacle. You know... the only other team that is also being relentlessly targeted by the same crowd who have punished them. How do they not see that the architecting of their situation has less to do with...
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    Netherlands General Election

    The FCC won’t let the PVV be
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    Match Thread | Man City vs. Liverpool (25/11/23)

    Soft as fuck that.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs. Liverpool (25/11/23)

    Been some terrible finishing in this match. Had all the time in the world there to set himself.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs. Liverpool (25/11/23)

    No wonder he was slow to get down for that save at the end of the half, he has to drag those enormous testes around with him.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs. Liverpool (25/11/23)

    Good half - Bernardo... what more can you say? Need another though. Never got the accolades for Alison, it's no exaggeration to say he's like this every single time against us. Can't handle pressure at all. On the opposite side... Eddie handles it a bit too well, looks like we need somebody...
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    Match Thread | Man City vs. Liverpool (25/11/23)

    Bernardo is just like having a Harlem Globetrotter randomly playing in the middle of a serious sporting team.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs. Liverpool (25/11/23)

    Nathan "Messi" Ake!
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    Liverpool (H) - Sat 25th Nov, 12:30 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    I hate playing this lot. More than any other team. Perfect combination of detestable like the rags but they're actually good enough to beat us. On some days, convincingly. I just hope for a game where I'm not anxious for the whole 90 minutes but we'd have to be about 4-0 up for that to be the case.

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