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  1. J

    Match Thread | Man City vs. Brentford (20/02/24)

    Wissa spends more time on his arse than anyone I’ve ever seen
  2. J

    Match Thread | Spurs vs Man City (26/01/24)

    Perfect! Well done lads
  3. J

    Match Thread | Spurs vs Man City (26/01/24)

    We could play until midnight and we wouldn’t even have a decent shot on target here.
  4. J

    Match Thread | Spurs vs Man City (26/01/24)

    How considerate of ITV to remind us of the spurs 1981 fa cup victory so many times this evening.
  5. J

    Match Thread | Spurs vs Man City (26/01/24)

    Same old shit. Come on City
  6. J

    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    I will always, always love Bernardo for that.
  7. J

    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    The best news in a long time this is. No more daily sky fawning over him. No more constant mentions of how well he’s done on such a small budget and how much they’ve over achieved. No more constant comparisons to Pep. A good day for all.
  8. J

    How much do we owe SWP ?

    Will always be a legend to me. I was a young teenager when he was at his best for city and vividly remember some of the amazing goals he was scoring for us. Away at Arsenal, home to Villa and Southampton. He was brilliant. Devastated when he left but understand years later why it was necessary...
  9. J

    Newcastle United (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Oscar Bobb take a bow mate. Sensational. KDB looked head and shoulders above absolutely everyone when he came on. Foden also very good. Defensively we are all over the place. Ultimately that is a great win considering the position we left ourselves in at half time.
  10. J

    Match Thread | Newcastle vs Man City (13/01/24)

    Fuck off Dan Burn you lanky league two ****
  11. J

    Match Thread | Everton vs Man City (27/12/23)

    Good win in the end that. Second half a different story.
  12. J

    Match Thread | Everton vs Man City (27/12/23)

    Get in Phil!
  13. J

    Match Thread | Everton vs Man City (27/12/23)

    Cmon now lads.
  14. J

    Injuries - 2023/24 | Out: Gvardiol, Grealish

    That is absolutely fantastic
  15. J

    Luton Town PL (A) | Man of the Match

    Rodri for me but Ake was superb.
  16. J

    Luton Town (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Thank fuck for that! Good win lads.
  17. J

    Match Thread | Luton vs Man City (10/12/23)

    Was that the first time they went into our box? What a fluke goal. We’ve played alright to be fair but unfortunately we haven’t looked dangerous up front and I worry where an equaliser comes from.
  18. J

    Aston Villa (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    They absolutely leathered us and fair play to them. They look a very good side - whilst the pundits have been tying themselves in knots about how good Tottenham are, Villa are looking like the real deal at the moment. For us that was about as poor as we have been since Pep's first season but...
  19. J

    The Title Race - 2023/24

    We always pick up form in the new year. Not excusing last nights performance (or the performances of the last few weeks) but once our key players are back it will be different. To say that we are out of the race in December when a lot of the teams around us still have to play each other is...

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