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    Stan Bowles RIP

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    Too many vehicles on uk roads

    Kids chauffeured to school and back...record levels of childhood obesity...wonder if there is a link?
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    Russian invasion of Ukraine

    The Russian economy is not currently trashed, though.
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    The Conservative Party/Government

    Specimens like Anderson haven't the emotional or any other kind of intelligence to do the admittedly difficult job of trying to lead and govern a country through the challenges and complexities involved. Instead they set about stoking up division, rancour and culture-wars crap whilst snatching...
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    GB News | Dan Wootton facing “very serious” allegations in Byline Times exposé (p 228)

    Why do people, even Tories, take this person seriously?
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    It's gone to VAR...
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    Did You Go Halifax Away In the FA Cup in 1980?

    A few car headlamps mounted on up-cycled wooden telegraph poles
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    The Album Review Club - Week #111 - (page 1314) - Some Girls - The Rolling Stones

    I think it's been said that Some Girls is an album which Ronnie Wood had a lot of creative influence on ? I like the bit where Jagger takes the piss out of TV Evangelism on Faraway Eyes...possibly the first band to do so ? Miss You still sounds great. Studio 54 influence and all that...
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    The Album Review Club - Week #111 - (page 1314) - Some Girls - The Rolling Stones

    There is this club gig from that era, pretty decent. Part of the appeal of The Stones is that they exist on the edge of ragged?
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    Society as we know it to collapse within 20 years

    And they have the cheek to slag off Putin
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    Has any of the biased mainstream media picked up on the irony of his references to taxes and fairness?
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    Society as we know it to collapse within 20 years

    With freedom comes great responsibility. Think some people have forgotten that.
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    Alexei Navalny dead

    Very empathetic
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    Alexei Navalny dead

    If "support" means they sit on their hands for fear of being thrown into jail for a spell, then yes.
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    Alexei Navalny dead

    There are many Russians who don't take an interest in politics (just like the Uk) There are many older Russians who would go back to the relative security of Communism as they perceive it There are also many mostly younger and more educated Russians who are not in favour of the direction their...
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    Worst referees ever

    He also disallowed a perfectly good winning goal for Everton v Dippers in the 77 FA Cup semi at Maine Road
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    How do we resolve the Brexit mess?

    Unqualified dentists on the way soon to drill into your molars
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    The Conservative Party/Government

    This. Sometimes we can be too close to see what is happening here, the truth obscured by biased media, social media bullshit and the tedium of culture wars.

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