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    United (H) - 3 Mar 2024

    They disappear as quickly as they appear.
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    Copenhagen home Mar 6th ko 20:00

    Just checked and it’s now available
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    Copenhagen home Mar 6th ko 20:00

    Transfer option usually opens around 1 week prior to CL games (I think)
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    Copenhagen home Mar 6th ko 20:00

    Nope. 7days before apparently
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    Liverpool Away

    Also looking for just the one if anything becomes available?
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    March Fixtures

    March/early April does look tough on paper but if we can navigate that then our run in looks decent.
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    Ade Durham on Talksport

    She can ring my bell any day
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    Bournemouth (A) - Sat 24th Feb, 17:30 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    Can’t see Kev starting this or the Luton game if he has the infamous “niggles”. Hopefully he’s ready for the derby.
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    Atmosphere - 2023/24

    “Football in a library” I forgot the Brentford fans were even there.
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    Seat counters 2023/24.

    Some can’t be bothered. Some will have genuine reasons. But get your point. FYI, I’ll be there tonight!
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    Queues outside M1 turnstiles and over the top security

    Would there be any issue with an over 65 using an 18-21 ticket? They are in the same price bracket so would imagine that’s ok?
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    Seat counters 2023/24.

    Make them available for ticket transfer on the ticket thread mate.
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    Copenhagen home Mar 6th ko 20:00

    Usually around 2 weeks in advance so sometime this week. Probably after the Brentford game.
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    Brentford home

    I have 2 in SSL3 for sale. £50 the pair. SOLD
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    Brentford (H) - Tues 20th Feb, 19:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Still 100’s showing as available on the website.
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    First Away Game

    I went Huddersfield away the following season (97/98). Midweek game. Pissed down all night. We had the stand behind the goal but the rain was driving in and we had seats right at the end of the stand. Got absolutely soaked but won 3-1. Great times.
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    Brentford (H) - Tues 20th Feb, 19:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Can’t believe the amount of criticism Doku has gotten since yesterday. Not his best game but the same could be said of others.
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    First Away Game

    Was that the day Macken scored from the halfway line?

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