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    Brentford (H) - Tues 20th Feb, 19:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Rage bait fella. Best ignored. He’s got Gomez on and has dropped the best striker in the world. Must be desperate for attention.
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    Matt Le Tissier

    ‘A man of principle’. Utter bollocks. He’s a David Icke like fruitcake with far too much platform to spout his moronic nonsense. ‘Admirable’????
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    Donald Trump

    GB news has arrived.
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    Premier League Games 10/11/12 Feb '24

    The Jeremy hunt of commentators
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    Kalvin Phillips | On loan at West Ham

    Odd signing to start with. Never looked available for the pass when we were in possession. He always appeared to cover himself with an opposition player. Came back from the World Cup overweight which defo pissed pep off. A lot on here forgetting that.
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    An Important Message For Cyclists

    Best not bother then.
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    Injuries - 2023/24 | Out: Gvardiol, Grealish

    I’d hope most sane folk don’t like that paper. Those 3 players shouldn’t have travelled. We should have sent the u23’s. Utter nonsense tournament that we’ll be shamed some how for winning, if we do.
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    Injuries - 2023/24 | Out: Gvardiol, Grealish

    ‘The daily mail’?? Ok.
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    Carabao Cup | Quarter-finals | 19/20 Dec '23

    Deliberate that from Caicedo. Why is there no VAR in this game?
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    Air fryer tips

    Chicken wings are ace.
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    Name fits.
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    The worst actor on TV/film

    Charlie Hunnam. First noticed him in Green street. Hats off to him he’s having quite the career based on zero acting talent.
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    Kalvin Phillips | On loan at West Ham

    I’m certain he would.
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    Kalvin Phillips | On loan at West Ham

    I reckon his deal is already sorted. Gone in Jan.
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    2 | Kyle Walker - 2023/24

    He’s a RB not a midfielder
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    Joey Barton

    It’s about control. Folk who have trouble with happiness tend to prefer to cause the downfall then there’s an element of control attached. If something unexpected comes along these folk end up in serious trouble. It’s a fascinating perspective but understandable with some folk I’ve looked after.

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