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    Carabao Cup Final 2024 | Sun 25th February

    Ah the same guy that does CITY games
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    It looks like mods are on strike and have let this thread be infested by blues obsessed with the rags.
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    North Stand Expansion

    That tram looks relatively empty compared to the one I was on. There is actually a space in front/behind the woman in a pink coat.
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    Hope all blues get to listen to this. Jordan is such an irritating smartarse with his constant puerile interruptions.
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    115 Charges - FAQs

    Jay the CITY fan was brilliant, best Talk Shite call I’ve heard
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    What famous fans do we have?

    Think it was his son who was a city fan but Rick brought him to matches, often flying over from Isle of Man
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    Battered and took apart

    Joe Hart was superb that game, saved us from an absolute twatting.
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    Brentford (A) - Mon 5th Feb, 20:00 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    At present Nathon gets my vote over Gvardiol, better full back defensively, pops up with the odd goal and doesn’t give the ball away so easily.
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    Happens to my wife regularly. Tried phoning with no luck, even after over 30 minute wait. Went to the ground, the staff were very helpful but said it was an iPhone issue not the clubs. They dicked about with her phone and its been ok since but every game were never sure whether the ticket will...
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    Oldest poster on Bluemoon - stories from the past

    I think the programme had a green cover to reflect the colour of the traditional green jumper worn by goalies in those days. Seem to remember David Wagstaffe having a decent game.
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    Lowest league attendance at Maine Road

    Dark times and there seemed no end in sight but luckily we only had to wait until the next season for our world to change, enter Mercer and Allison and the good times.
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    Huddersfield (H) | FA Cup | Post Match Thread

    Phil’s first goal reminded me of the one Serge scored in the 2-1 win against the Dippers in 2019, very accute angle and went in like a rocket.
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    Huddersfield (H) - Sun 7th Jan, 14:00 | FA Cup | Pre-Match Thread

    I have fond memories of that game. The day before was New Years Eve and I was at a party in Northern Moor area of Wythenshawe. The guy who was hosting the party announced just after midnight that Ralph Brand lived not far away. So twelve pissed up Wythenshawe lads decided it would be the decent...
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    Breaking records/stats thread

    I think the three draws were in 3 of our last 4 home games. We were ahead in all 3 nearing final whistle, So close to winning every game at home In a year.
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    MCFC Honours Board

    Yeah, but is all that enough to count as history.
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    Rate The Food At The Etihad Out Of 0-5 ;-)

    The steak pies are mega and as you say usually piping hot. I‘ve done both upper and lower tunnel clubs where the food is quality, probably better in the cheaper upper level.
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    City beat Fluminense and are crowned World Club Champions

    Living the dream and luv in it.
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    City beat Fluminense and are crowned World Club Champions

    Think it’s their second trophy, the Super cup was the first. Easy to lose count when we’ve won so many.
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    City beat Fluminense and are crowned World Club Champions

    Fair play he does a great job of being that. Think he's on a bonus for each time he mentions the Rags, he even squeezed in a reference to a Beckham corner from over 10 years ago.

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