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  1. J

    The anti road cycling thread

    Same with cycles mate. I could quite easily swap cyclists with vehicles in your post and come to the same conclusion.
  2. J

    Premier League Games 24/25/26 Feb '24

    Don't forget forget the time wasting as well.
  3. J

    Premier League Games 24/25/26 Feb '24

    Obviously the media will report on the raucous atmosphere at Arsenal tonight....its like a fucking morgue in there.
  4. J

    Stan Bowles RIP

    RIP Stan...probably the best mod haircut in a City shirt ever.
  5. J

    Roy Hodgson

    Best wishes to him. A true Gent, I hope he has a long and happy retirement.
  6. J

    First Away Game

    Villa 1991. 5-1 to us, David White scored 4.
  7. J

    Premier League Games 17th -21st Feb '24

    The Stretford Kim Yung Un gets hooked again. The fat twat needs a rest and a pie.
  8. J

    Bicycles from your childhood

    Probably a Puch.
  9. J

    What famous fans do we have?

    Her grandad was a steward at Maine Road.
  10. J

    Post a Surprising Musical Fact.

    I saw the Trailer Park Boys at the Apollo a few years ago. Absolutely hilarious, and was lucky enough to see them accompanied by the brilliant John Dunsworth character Jim Lahey. Bubbles rendition of Liquer and Whores was a particular highlight.
  11. J

    Mary D's

    That was me and my mates before the Everton game you are on about. We were all lucky to get tickets in the ballot and the new owners wouldn't let us in. We didn't know we had to book in advance. I remember you sat at a table and said we could sit with you. Thanks for the offer mate we've never...
  12. J

    Mary D's

    Me and some pals were members when Michael and Debbie ran it. It was indeed members only on matchday with door supervision and it was run really well, you were always made welcome. We carried on going in there after the new owners took over. We supported them for 2 seasons, going in there before...
  13. J

    Everton (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    I saw some of it from SS1. I saw a lad with longish hair getting one up the bracket on the stairs.
  14. J

    F1 2024 season

    Well I hope the mealy mouthed moaning twat gets his dues.
  15. J

    Post a Surprising Musical Fact.

    I thought you were joking until I checked it out. Nice one.
  16. J

    Post a Surprising Musical Fact.

    Are you Peter Hook?
  17. J

    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    He's the ginger Klopp
  18. J

    The Apprentice 2024

    Just watched week one...what a load of whoppers.
  19. J

    Match Thread | Brentford vs Man City (05/02/24)

    Maupay a snide little bastard

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