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    Brentford Away - 5th Feb

    Any last minute spares?
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    Luton (A) - 10 Dec 2023

    After one cheers
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    Villa (A) - 6 Dec 2023

    In need of one please as it is my birthday on the 6th :)
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    Chelsea (A) - 12 Nov 2023

    Sent you a message pal
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    Arsenal Away

    Looking for one
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    Wolves Away

    Sent you a message
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    Wolves Away

    Looking for one or two if possible thanks
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    West Ham away 16th Sept

    If anyones got one going please lmk
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    Sheffield United away

    after one! cheers blues
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    31 | Ederson - 2022/23 Performances

    He single handedly won us that trophy im so happy for him, rubens header was absolutely incredible aswell
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    FA Cup Final ticket requests

    after one thank you
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    Your ideal central-midfield signing for next summer ?

    Seen rumours of Xavi Simons
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    8 | Ilkay Gundogan - 2022/23

    100% deserves a statue next to Kev
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    Brighton Away - Looking For Two Tickets

    after one or two please
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    FA Cup Final | Ticket Criteria

    United have east
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    Real Madrid (A) | Post Match Thread

    Absolutely buzzing, brilliant result see you all next week ;)

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