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    Women's Team Thread 2023/2024

    I don't think clubs can continually lose their best players and still progress, people said that Southampton had a great model selling their best players to (usually) Liverpool, but eventually it catches up with you. Players see you as a stepping stone and also, the ability to spot top promising...
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    Man City Fan Survey

    Done. Good luck with the course.
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    What VAR decision will Utd get today?

    Quite how that was given after people in VAR hq studied that is beyond me. Shocking decision and shows they decide what they want to decide.
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    City v Bristol City Women 15 Oct 23 KO 1pm

    Goodness me, one goal in that second half would have been nice! Ah well the first half spoiled me.
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    Cole Palmer

    Thought he made the goal for Alvarez v Chelsea? He also made a 'goal' for Haaland v Brighton which while disallowed because Haaland was judged to have fouled the defender, showed that Palmer could create.
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    Kylian Mbappé

    it's all about opinions but this deal, if it does go through is hardly representative of the game as a whole is it? I don't want City to burn down because of this!
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    Bernardo Silva

    I'd rather he stayed for two more seasons than lose him now for £50m.
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    Josko Gvardiol

    “The fact is Man City would like to have him [Gvardiol]. Currently we are still very far apart [in negotiations]. The transfer of Szoboszlai has secured us financially. We don't need the money. We would prefer Josko to stay.'' RB Leipzig’s director of sport Max Eberl is quoted as saying this...
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    Nicoló Barella

    Well I hope that source is wrong. I'm a big fan of the bloke.
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    BBC vs ITV?

    If amazon allow you to elect to have no commentary, why cannot BBC or ITV? I'd watch the first one of those that did that.
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    Harry Kane

    Aguero was leaving every summer too.
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    BWSL 2022/23 City vs Spurs 05/03

    Anyone know what the attendance was?
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    BWSL 2022/23 City vs Spurs 05/03

    Great play by Hasegawa in the lead up to the goal
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    Your ideal central-midfield signing for next summer ?

    Just a general comment. I have a look at the BBC 'gossip' page every morning just to have a look to see if we are mentioned and we seldom are. I know that 99% of the 'gossips' never amount to anything but it's weird how they refer to United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid...
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    Women’s derby

    Ta very much-yep she is under the weather I think but she's had plenty of hot drinks and is warming up.
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    Women’s derby

    We had to leave at half time because Mrs Wombat felt cold and ill. Tbh she did look frozen in the car on the way home. Still gutted to miss the 2nd half though!
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    BWSL City v Brighton Dec 4th 14:00

    Yep it was, my wife hates that stadium. If I had a pound for every time she mentions how good it was when the women played in summer I'd be in the executive boxes for games. She's right though!
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    FA Cup 3rd Round Draw | Chelsea (H) | 4:30pm, Sun 8 Jan

    Hope we get somebody interesting like a non-league team, and not another premier league team.
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    Ref Watch

    This 100%. How many times did he do this? I don't blame the Brentford keeper; if he's allowed to do it, then he's going to do it and waste time. Goodness me it was so predictable.
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    Women's Team Thread - 2022/23

    that stadium can get really, really cold, so much in fact that my wife refused to go again after one game, and so I had to cancel my season ticket there for the following season -summer season was far better. I've managed to persuade her to go to some games while the men's season is...

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