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    Legal advice please!

    What I am struggling with is in one post his Accountant gets him and his mother to sign a form to say that they don’t take dividends then his Accountant allocates him a dividend each year. A dividend of around £120k each year will attract a personal tax bill of about £40k each year Due by 31st...
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    Legal advice please!

    It all doesn’t add up. If his Accountant was also doing his Tax Returns he would have had large personal tax bills on that level of dividends. His Accountant would also be giving him a copy of the income tax calculation showing his income for the year So why didn’t the guy question why was he...
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    Legal advice please!

    What he doesn’t want to hear is posters telling him how he will get his money back when it ain’t going to happen.
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    Legal advice please!

    If you sign the Accounts off and not noticed £1.3m being allocated to your directors loan over the years then more fool you. You should not be running a company.
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    Man wanted over fatal stabbing of woman pushing baby in a pram...

    I have a little sympathy with the Police here. They cannot supply a 24 hour guard and when race and culture (see earlier posters comments) are involved they have to tread on eggshells otherwise someone will stick a label on them
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    Man wanted over fatal stabbing of woman pushing baby in a pram...

    Erm let me think. A silly question deserves a silly answer. I say the nearest safe country they could have fled to compensates us and those who come via boat, the smugglers from their vast profits.
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    Man wanted over fatal stabbing of woman pushing baby in a pram...

    I thought he was British and from Oldham. I will have to brush up on my Geography. Silly me for making assumptions.
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    Man wanted over fatal stabbing of woman pushing baby in a pram...

    I wont bother asking who picks the bill up for the security because 99.99% of us already know the answer, as we did to whom the likely victim and offender were.
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    Useless household objects.

    Bits of carpet just in case.
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    Man wanted over fatal stabbing of woman pushing baby in a pram...

    60 years ago this would have been a valid question. Nowadays we have what’s called empirical evidence.
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    Waspi Women

    It has been costed that for every £1000 paid it will cost £3.9 billion. I don’t recall any Government writing to me to tell me how every change in Government policy will affect me personally. A blanket compensation scheme means the current and future generations of workers will have to pay...
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    Poverty in UK

    Firstly, you are making certain assumptions that all rich people other than footballers are tax dodgers. You also fail to say that many footballers are paid image rights through Ltd companies to save tax. As regards the Chancellor, you do not know when he acquired his properties. IF they were...
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    Poverty in UK

    Strangely those on this site who can’t stand the thought of someone being rich, seem to be very selective. They never seem to stretch that criticism to our multi millionaire players or owners whatever they spend their money on.
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    Getting out of the rat race.

    I didn’t leave Uni and get a proper job until I was 23. Worked for Employers for the next 10 years whilst training and got bored once I had worked on a client for 2 successive years so moved on . Began clock watching in the job so decided to go on my own, work from home and never looked back...
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    Hull funeral home under investigation...

    When the news broke yesterday I did a search on the company’s Accounts. It’s about to be struck off. The 2021 and the 2022 balance sheets are exactly the same which looks to me as though they have just made the figures up without employing an Accountant
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    The British Monarchy | Princess of Wales diagnosed with cancer (p396)

    My theory is they have so many staff hangers on they all want to feel needed . Someone has doctored a perfectly good photo to justify their existence within the “Team”.
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    Fox Hunting.....

    100% Agree. I live in the Countryside near kennels. I have long argued that if it was a working class sport done on a Council Estate they would all be locked up. The argument it’s vermin control is a joke. The good chaps say proudly they don’t hunt during the breeding season, what!? How does...
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    If you were offered a job by another PL club...

    If every player we tried to move on, refused to do so because they said they love the Club that much and insisted on fulfilling their contract imagine how many Danny Mills wage thieves we would be stuck with. Silly thread.
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    Stupid little things that bug you

    That’s not even remotely funny Bill.
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    Costa offends their customers

    I must confess I am a big Costa fan because I know exactly that my drink will taste the same whichever branch I use and it avoids the pissing about waiting for the drink you get with waiter service in other coffee shops. What does piss me off is when they try and sell me extras when I am at the...

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