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    Mental Health Support Thread

    Massive argument with manager yesterday re lack of support from him when dealing with other teams in organisation. Anxiety through the roof now, can feel dark cloud of depression coming in and no sleep last night. Been doing the job almost 17 years, he's been there 18 months. I'm 62 years old...
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    A New Blue is Born!

    Congratulations mate
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    Northern Ireland premier league 23/24

    Set up for close finish to premier league after latest games. Coleraine were away to Linfield and Coleraine scored equaliser in 97th minute. At same time in Larne game Linfield biggest rivals Glentoran scored an OG to give Larne victory and keep them top of the table. Larne and Linfield neck...
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    Cheers mate, payments backdated mate. Wife of a friend saw my sister in town centre with wad of cash in her hand. Didn't make herself known but followed her home to make sure she was ok. Then told my brother who rang me yesterday. Seemingly sister thought if benefits office saw her account had...
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    Smacking your kids

    Got smacked plenty of times and usually deserved it imo. Think smacked my son twice and like others felt like shit after it.
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    Mental Health Support Thread

    Fantastic mate, hope it's start of upwards for you
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    What are you listening to.................RIGHT NOW!!!

    Teenage kicks - the undertones. One of my favourite songs and my ringtone on mobile
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    Mental Health Support Thread

    Take care mate, if you think you need to then you know it's right.
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    Running thread

    5k this morning, 1st effort after week's rest following last weekend's HM. Good luck everyone running today in the Manchester marathon
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    Running thread

    Good luck mate
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    OJ Simpson dead

    Just reading OJ has died of cancer aged 76
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    Running thread

    Thanks mate, yea I've read a few reviews saying people missed their time due to their pacer being out. I'm sure it's not an easy job. My aim was to finish, then under 2.30 (that's why was looking for him) then if going ok try and beat PB of 2.28.
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    Running thread

    Good luck mate
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    Running thread

    2 hours 26 mins 41 seconds. New PB by almost 2 mins. I was supposed to run behind 2.30 pacer then gently overtake him. Started right at back of wave, took 6 miles to catch him, ran with him from about mile 6-10 them gently worked my way in front and actually a sprint finish. Thanks to everyone...
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    Prostate cancer

    Fingers crossed all clear for you and your mate
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    Prostate cancer

    Great news mate
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    Running thread

    London landmarks HM for me in morning. Weird late start of 11.24 as I'm in a later wave
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    Mental Health Support Thread

    Stay strong mate please keep updating us
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    Mental Health Support Thread

    How you doing today mate, how was the gig. Have you thought about reaching out to someone. Maybe a family member, GP etc
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    The show us your cat thread.

    Sorry for your loss mate

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