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    Leighton James RIP

    Another one gone. Remember him playing for Burnley. RIP Leighton.
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    Guess The Team/Score Compy Session 5 Game 4 Chelsea FAC (N). Entries By ****10.00AM**** On 20/04/24 Please.

    Ortega Lewis Stones Akanji Ake Rodri Kovacic Foden Doku Alvarez (F) Bobb Subs: Eddy, Walker, Dias, Gvardiol, Kev, Bernado, Nunes, Grealish, Haaland (L) City to win 3-2
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    Real Madrid post match post mortem

    And Foden had a great chance and completely missed the ball. Just one of those games… but so fucking frustrating.
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    Guess The Team/Score Compy Session 5 Game 3 Real Madrid (H) CL. Entries By ****10.00AM**** On 17/04/24 Please.

    Eddy Akanji Stones Dias (L) Gvardiol Rodri Kev Kovacic Grealish Haaland (F) Foden Subs: Ortega, Carson, Lewis, Walker, Ake. Gomez. Nunes, Bernardo, Bobb, Doku, Alvarez, Susoho City to Win 4-2
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    Congratulations to Bayer Leverkusen — Bundesliga 2023/24 Winners

    Well done Beyer Leverkusen- congratulations.
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    Joke thread

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    Joke thread

    What do you call a woman in the middle of a tennis court? Annette (Soz I don’t know how to do a spoiler or a fuzzy cover thingy)
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    Sir Ron Dipperdy Tanya Rarse Hugh Janus
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    Guess The Team/Score Compy Session 5 Game 2 Luton (H)PL. Entries By ****10.00AM**** On 13/04/24 Please

    Eddy Lewis Dias Akanji Gomez (L) Kovacic Kev Nunes Doku (F) Alvarez Bobb Subs: Ortega, Gvardiol, Stones, Rodri, Foden, Bernado, Grealish, Haaland, Susoho. City to win 4-2
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    It's Quiet 18 - Wanna ring the bell?

    I think this too.
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    Real Madrid (A) | CL | Post Match Thread

    Bellingham is a whiny wanker Rudiger is a fucking thuggish bastard. Pep moved moved Rodri ans kovacic forward a bit more for second half and it worked. Well done Blueboys.
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    Real Madrid (A) - Tues 9th April, 20:00 | CL | Pre-Match Thread

    Can’t lie shitting it now- I was a bit nervy about the game but am doubly so now as my daughter and her fella will be there and there’s some sort of security issue.
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    Guess The Team/Score Compy Session 5 Game 1 Real Madrid (A) CL. Entries By ****10.00AM**** On 9/04/24 Please.

    Ortega Akanji Stones Dias Gvardiol Rodri (F) Kev Bernardo Foden Haaland (L) Grealish Subs: Carson, Eddy, Gomez, Lewis, Nunes, Kovacic, Alvarez, Bobb, Doku, Hamilton, Susoho. Wright City to win 1-3
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    Joe Kinnear Died

    I remember him when at Wimbledon- Crazy gang, Denis Wise etc. Always seemed a a character and not up himself. RIP Joe
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    Real Madrid (A) - Tues 9th April, 20:00 | CL | Pre-Match Thread

    Hope we smash them ( I know) I can’t stand that fat fascist **** Tebas. Come on Blue boys!
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    Is Rodri better than Yaya ?

    Yes as a player and person.
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    Crystal Palace PL (A) | Man of the Match

    Kev with Jack , Rico and Rodri also getting a shout. But also a mention for fleet of foot Ortega brilliant bit of skill!
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    Palace (A) | PL | Post-Match Thread

    Great 3 points another couple shaved off the GD. Shame about their goals especially the last one. But on to Madrid- shore up the back . May be Kovacic alongside Rodri for control. What a ride Blues!

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