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    Rob Burrow

    4 years on and still here :)
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    I’m A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here!

    this .
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    I’m A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here!

    she is a waste of skin.
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    nice surprise

    MND mate . its a bugger.
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    These last fifteen years

    i am :)
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    nice surprise

    what a night that was Sharon . miss those times .
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    nice surprise

    thank you everyone .
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    nice surprise

    of course I remember you mate.
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    nice surprise

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    Newcastle (H) - Ticket Office Protest

    cheers. my first night game for ages , a right faff with tickets but not missed a first home for decades , had to do it . knacked lol.
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    Newcastle (H) - Ticket Office Protest

    don't worry City us oldies will be dead soon and you will have won . good luck getting the JCL's to stick around when we turn shit.
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    VAR Discussion Thread - 2023/24

    doing what it was brought in to do .
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    Burnley tickets "coming soon"?

    i would get one but it's the worst place i have been to for the disabled . factor in an 8pm K.O and thats me done .
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    Anyone with a wife they just don’t like?

    no words could describe what my wife means to me .
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    Declan Rice

    simply not enough .
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    Kyle Walker

    who is better ?
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    Kyle Walker

    the only player along with Rodri that's irreplaceable.

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