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    What has the UK become?

    It was always going to happen and why I keep asking the question of where all the money has gone? It’s spent subsidising big business.
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    Donald Trump

    They’re off their fucking swedes, it really is a cult!
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    The Conservative Party/Government

    ‘Pile them up, 10,000 high’.
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    The Conservative Party/Government

    They’ve taken away all the safety nets and now turning medial issues into bureaucracy. As I heard this morning, just another dead cat to keep us all distracted while the UK burns. Small boats to Sick notes, they have absolutely nothing left.
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    The Conservative Party/Government

    Who are these people, I didn’t vote them in and I won’t accept that they are a voice of me, never mind the nation. Fuck off, you cunts!
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    Donald Trump

    All, very strange.
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    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    Are they still on for the quad?
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    Jude Bellingham

    No interest in him whatsoever, apart from him being a diving twat. Only the lickers will be praising him after his performances against us. He was gash.
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    Europa League/Conference League Games | Quarter-Finals | 11/18 April '24

    Had to wait until page 80 for you fuckers to confirm the Dippers were out! Get in!
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    National Conservatism

    I have family who have no interest in looking after others and use the church to exert influence over people in the parish.
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    Europa League/Conference League Games | Quarter-Finals | 11/18 April '24

    Would love it if Liverpool go out. Nothing but pain in the last 4 games, will have them depressed going into the league game away to Fulham.
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    Sundays with Laura Kuenssberg

    Stupid cunts. The stupid **** on Sky did the same this morning with Ed Milliband who was there to talk about investing in UK ports. Burley spent considerable time rehashing the same question, it was so cringeworthy I had to switch it off.
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    How's your mood after the RM game?

    What can you do when Real are managed by Tony Pulis. How far we have come, unbelievable that we scare the likes of Real to death.
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    The Conservative Party/Government

    Tory party known for 3 months and nothing done.
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    How's your mood after the RM game?

    Good. Thanks for asking.
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    Real Madrid post match post mortem

    The CL is dead to me.
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    Real Madrid (H) - Wed 17th April, 20:00 | CL | Pre-Match Thread

    Be loud and proud, make it a cauldron without the use of a roof.
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    The Conservative Party/Government

    Er … er ... gibberish … er … er Sums the government up well, some will even believe the shite that comes out of their mouth.

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