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    16 | Rodri - 2023/24

    Fucking giant of a man. Made Bellingham look like a little boy in that midfield, the fucking cheating shithouse
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    FA Cup Semi-Final | City v Chelsea pre-match thread

    Agree mate. Can't see us beating Chelski with a patched up side after tonights efforts. Just go for that fucking 4 on the trot. Already done the treble ;)
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    How's your mood after the RM game?

    Proud and frustrated. We made the 'Kings' as they kept being referred to as, look like Burnley, but that fucking first shot on target first goal thing is fucking me right off.
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    FA Cup Semi-Final | City v Chelsea pre-match thread

    Oh well the 4 on the trot will make up for missing out on a consecutive treble. I think we have done remarkably well to have stayed in contention for so long, looking nothing like the side that ripped it up last year. Up the fucking blues
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    Aston Villa (H) | PL | Post-match Thread

    You think that was boring? I really enjoyed it! Shots, intricate passing triangles, Phil. Made a refreshing change, and I don’t know what that says about Kev and erl!
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    10 | Jack Grealish - 2023/24

    I think he did ok. Needs a goal for his confidence, take the shot earlier rather than lash it against defenders legs. Keeps the ball so well, definitely gives us more control out there. I’m a fan
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    10 | Jack Grealish - 2023/24

    You ok hun?
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    England v Belgium | Friendly | Match Thread

    Phil is in 3 rd gear. Read Kyle will be ok for the Arse, reckon boulders is a pep tactic to give him another cap but be safe for weekend. Shouldn’t have started but we know what Southgate is like, the twat
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    FA Cup Games | 5th Round | 26-28 Feb '24

    We’ll fucking destroy these on Sunday.
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    Bournemouth (A) - Sat 24th Feb, 17:30 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    I have to put my lucky city training top on and do it up, you have to post this. It’s a bummer, superstition, aint it malg ;)
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    Brentford (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Great point, I stand corrected!
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    Brentford (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    That wasn’t very pretty but 3 points is all that matters. Convinced we will beat scum dippers and arse simply because they will play football, and we are better at football than all of them. It’s so hard with 11 behind the ball, and this won’t happen in those three games. Erling will score...
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    Match Thread | Man City vs. Brentford (20/02/24)

    Pics please you of all people know the rules. Not that I’m fussy mind….
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    Match Thread | Man City vs. Brentford (20/02/24)

    Look on the bright side. We didn’t concede with their first shot on target as has become the norm! They will get tired, we get one early second half and we will coast it
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    Premier League Games 17th -21st Feb '24

    …and it’s MARCUS Rashford….fucking hell these commentators
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    Match Thread | Brentford vs Man City (05/02/24)

    Me too mate, but my stream commentator said he didn’t get much power on it, so I think it’s only half a goal. VAR checking at half time apparently
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    FA Cup Games | 3rd Round | 4/5/6/7/8 Jan '24

    Snooze fest. Turning over to 5star to watch Rotherham General Hospital A and E. Got to be more exciting. Christ Eni is on, find the remote quick
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    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    Looked open as fuck when the Geordies managed to beat that initial press. Trouble is they struggled to string 3 passes together. At full strength we will look comfy against these even with the weight of VAR behind them
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    The happy new year thread

    Happy New Year blues. Feel this is going to be another one to remember. I’m slightly drunk and my normal reserved pessimism has slipped, and I’m daring to dream. 4 on the trot. Health and happiness to you all x
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    Everton (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    When Kova came on next to Rodders we looked a lot tighter, triangles were crisper and more accurate. And he’s direct, looks forward. Impressive today

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