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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    Lol no. But he was on a few weeks ago on the wind up. He was trying to put on another accent and kept forgetting! He’s not right in the head.
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    Who else is Wembleyed out?

    I think there will be a big rush for final tickets regardless of who gets through today. It really is poor that semi finals are there but I’d say many, many blues are not ‘Wembleyed out’.
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    Question Time

    Watching it now. Davies made an utter fool of himself, lost it big time. Doesn’t look good finger-pointing and calling another M.P. ‘a disgrace’.
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    I thought that but it seems he was on a few weeks ago spouting the same crap.
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    City fan on 606 slagging Haarland off and wanting him sold, on the day we qualified for the FA Cup Final! Jesus Wept.
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    The Co-op Live, next to the Etihad.

    I’m surprised that so many are shocked at the cost of food and drinks at the new venue. This seems to be the case at places like this all the time. I went to a theatre in York 3 years ago and got charged nearly £20 for a pint of IPA and a glass of wine!
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    Seat counters 2023/24

    Chris Sutton must have seen the picture and thought it was yesterday as he said on 606 last night that we didn’t sell-out!
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    Atmosphere - 2023/24

    Sounded good on the tv.
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    “This was all about character.” — Kev

    Was saying earlier how the Chelsea fans must have been delighted on Wednesday night when it went to extra time. Oops.
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    20 | Bernardo Silva - 2023/24

    Delighted he got the winner. Proper City legend!
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    “This was all about character.” — Kev

    Am I allowed to say ‘massive’ win?
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    “This was all about character.” — Kev

    What a team!
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    Tonights sunset...

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    A New Blue is Born!

    Congratulations to you and the family!
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    Bring back the Sash kits!

    Palace have had a number of nice kits over the past few years.
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    Absolute garbage. Haven’t listened for 3 years. You can keep the idiotic ‘banter’ and relentless adverts for betting and McDonald’s.
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    City Fans Leaving Early/Empty seats

    Great effort mate!
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    City Fans Leaving Early/Empty seats

    Thoughts are with the usual early leavers, who couldn’t leave early last night for obvious reasons. They probably didn’t get home till 3.00 am!
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    North Stand Expansion

    Looking out from SS3 last night at the lovely sunset, it occurred to me that we probably won’t see that view again. I presume that the new stand will be blocking the view by August?

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