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    FA Cup Semi Final | Coventry City v United

    Just remind me - which is the Premier League team?
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    Caicedo and Fernandez have degenerated into glorified kickers under 'Poch'. They aren't really interested in playing football instead they are way to eager to dive in. He's turned them into glorified sunday league players. At least Gallagher wants to play sometimes but he hasn't got any better...
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    Chelsea (N) | FA Cup SF | Post-Match Thread

    The world's gone mad. War in Ukraine, humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Trump running for President again and .....Oliver applying the rules to our game. I swear he's getting slightly better
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    It's weeks since they turned another corner. Probably tomorrow, will be the next one.
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    It's Quiet 18 - Wanna ring the bell?

    No rush, Give him August and part of September off. 12 points behind at Christmas, reel the Arse in again (make them give back the PL December trophy). Champs League and FA Cup again. 'They' are right - football has become so predictable! Alternatively, he will be even more tired playing on...
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    FA Cup Semi-Final | City v Chelsea pre-match thread

    Nunes gives me the same vibe as Kalvin. Before they arrived they contributed to their teams and were proactive in the midfield. They both look like 'we've made it to the top' after our move to City and consequently their ambition to be involved takes a hit. Too relaxed. Of course others have...
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    Joao Neves

    Agreed. Good positional head on his shoulders. Strong for a small guy. Good passer. Takes control in the right situation. Maybe our bog standard fee of 60m, but no more, right now.
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    Florian Wirtz

    'Are you sure you don't mean lira!'
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    It's Quiet 18 - Wanna ring the bell?

    If he could live in Dubai, it would suit him down to the ground! Otherwise, he could loose an important appendage.
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    I dream of them too, but I don't wear the sexy lingerie, like yourself - but each to his own. Might try it though.
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    How's your mood after the RM game?

    We gave it a right go, like we have most years and you can only do it at these levels for so long. I'm really proud of the boys, they couldn't have given much more. There are ways to win and we won't compromise on ours, proud of that too. I hope they get some reward for this at the end of the...
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    Real Madrid post match post mortem

    I think we won everything so far with class. Lets do the same now. Still stuff to play for.
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    Real Madrid post match post mortem

    The boys were running on empty before kick off. At least they will get a few extra weeks rest and hopefully recharge their batteries during the close season. We need a new plan for Erling, he looked despondent during the game. Madrid were hardly in the game and Bellingham looked very ordinary.
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    Was reading some of the CASS verdict this morning provided by one of the posters. Obviously some of the text is boring and repetitive, but one of the things I took away from it was the many references / mention of FFP and the importance of it to football (and the EU 'guidance' issues on the...
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    I loved the MUEN's balance piece on Julian turning down Madrid. I know it won't be seen by as many people but looked like it was in response. Maybe we do have some sympathetic people there?
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    City Treble documentary | Club sell rights to Netflix for seven figure sum | To be aired in April (p5)

    I thought that too. After what he did to Madrid in that second leg, you would have thought he had every right to a starting place but to take it like he did shows the quality of the mentality in that dressing room. We all know that Kyle can be a dick in certain situations but that action showed...
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    It's Quiet 18 - Wanna ring the bell?

    Given that most of the first team squad will be going deep into the Euros and will have little time for a break, the American Tour would be an ideal place to assess values and outgoings for later on on the window and for Pep to get an up close look at some to decide who to sell and who to loan...
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    Lucas Paquetá

    Tattoo ?
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    City announce trial bus scheme for home games

    Always in awe of fans who do this on a regular basis, from so far. Next time I am in the car waiting 1.5/2 hours to get to Sandbach, I'll mention you to my kids.
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    North Stand Expansion

    Looks like the trophy room is going to be to small or the planning application to extend it, needs to go in now.

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