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  1. J

    Chelsea (N) | FA Cup SF | Post-Match Thread

    Get the fuck in. What a team!
  2. J

    Real Madrid (A) | CL | Post Match Thread

    Great result.
  3. J

    17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2023/24

    Liked his haircut better before. I expect to see the user name Kevins Hairdo any day soon.
  4. J

    What are you listening to.................RIGHT NOW!!!

    Tunnel of Love - Dire Straits Lovely!
  5. J

    FA Cup Games | Quarter-Finals | 16/17 Mar '24

    Nevertheless Ten Hag will explain after the match that the rags were playing well and should have gotten something out of the game.
  6. J

    Eliteserien - Norwegian football thread 2024

    Hamkam for me. I was at a home game decades ago.
  7. J

    Allsvenskan 2024 Swedish League

    GAIS for me, as underdog in Göteborg.
  8. J

    United (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Manchester is blue
  9. J

    Bluemoon Under The Cartel's Irish Academic Microscope?

    Maybe we defend ourselves more because we are criticised for our ownership more than anyone. Somehow I never see any Liverpool fans debate being sponsored by a bank which has been sentenced for helping to finance terrorists. Talk about blood money ... Well they can conveniently ignore this since...
  10. J

    FOC Roll Call :-)

    Probably up for a pis ...
  11. J

    Joke thread

    Do you really think Hank is Starvin? Where is your bike mate?
  12. J

    Gary Neville

    Must have been even more boring during Nevilles own career where he won 8 championships.
  13. J

    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    Liverpool has a squad tuned to play Klopp's high intensity kick'n'rush football. They will need significant adjustments to play Alonso-ball. He actually uses the midfield for other things than pressing.
  14. J

    Everton Thread - 2023/24 | A further 2 points deducted

    Everyone should at the end of a transfer period be able to calculate where they will be financially at an arbitrary point in time until the next transfer window. The conditions are clear. So there isn't really any excuse IMHO. I don't think the timing matters much mate.
  15. J

    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    You are right mate. In addition, football is about competition, FFP limits the competition by cementing the financial strength of the clubs, therefore it is per definition bad for football. What is bad for football is also bad for Everton. QED, I do not buy that he did what was best for his club.
  16. J

    NFL 2023-24

    Dolphins have no problem with taking the opposite advantage when playing at home in the heat. I believe visitors are placed on the sunny side of the Hard Rock Stadium as a way of stressing them. So no empathy from me.
  17. J

    Going on a date..its been a long time

    Where is @Thorin Oakenshield when you need him?
  18. J

    Oscar Bobb song

    Be Bopp a lula ..

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