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    Women’s World Cup final tickets

    Hi, I’m an ex-pat living in Australia (Geelong near Melbourne) and have flights booked to Sydney on Sunday but no match tickets. Is there anyone on here that can get me two, or even three if possible? Cheers.
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    Coaching Subscriptions

    Did anyone ever subscribe to this? is it worth it?
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Well that plane seems to be taking the same route as the Madrid bound one in front of it. I reckon Mendes is going there to offer him to Atletico and cause some more piss boiling!!!
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    Lionel Messi | Joins Inter Miami (pg4111)

    Didn’t Khaldoon hint at not buying solely players for the future but players for the now in his speech?? Maybe this is who he meant...
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    What a club!

    Paul Dickov brought the trophies to Melbourne a couple of weeks back. Good to see the club looking after those who represented us as well as looking after the fans
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    Yaya Toure (contract at Olympiakos terminated P18)

    Can’t wait to watch Dave and Kev make a fool out of him...
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    Finding out at the Charity Shield that we’ve signed Jack Roswell...!!!
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    Riyad Mahrez

    Not sure what you mean? All I know is someone who works on the announcements has been told to keep Saturday free so he can do two transfers
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    2 transfers being announced on Saturday
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    Riyad Mahrez

    2 announcements on Saturday
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    So; what are you driving at the moment?

    Focus RS - had it a couple of months. The launch control is good fun; not yet found a road in melbourne where I can try the drift mode though
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    Melbourne Flinders St Incident

    Drove past a few minutes after onto flinders. It’s a busy pedestrian crossing at the junction of 2 roads; impossible to block it off to vehicles...even walked across it around that time last Friday on way to Xmas do at Southbank.
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    Careful in Kharkiv

    Yeah, ones got a shiner but otherwise not too bad. Seems the pepper spray caused most issues
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    Careful in Kharkiv

    Trust me, my lad was one of the five ...
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    Careful in Kharkiv

    just a warning to anyone heading there today. A group of 5 were ambushed by a gang of thirty as they exited the train station last night on their arrival. They used pepper spray in the attack. The police were stood 50 yards away and did nothing...which might be a good thing in someways as they...
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    Alexis Sanchez

    That's their point; they blame us for not meeting their valuation until last minute, and blame Sterling for refusing to join them, so that when they sell him to us they can't spend the money and it goes to the owners...
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    Alexis Sanchez

    I reckon the Sterling part was just propaganda by Arsenal and their media buddies. This allows Wenger to say that he tried to do the best for Arsenal but that the two baddies, Sanchez and Sterling, were against him and he reluctantly decided to sell Sanchez to get the money and get rid of an...
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    Skin conditions
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    They didn't want him anyway...
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    Kylian Mbappe

    Would have thought it was maybe aimed at Liverpool as it would be their usual way to deal with transfers and would piss off Monaco...

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