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    Colin Bell RIP (p18) BBC Football Focus tribute P138

    I’ve not posted on this thread, I never saw him play too young, my dad says he was the best player to wear the blue shirt. I have seen that documentary before, just noticed he is running in a pair of sambas by the look off it. Such as shame the knee injury running in those wouldn’t have help...
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    United (A) - League Cup SF | Post-Match Thread

    I was a bit nervous thought City had slowed up after 35 mins, and the rags were going to get on top. 2 great performances this week!
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    COVID Watch

    That’s a given. Like I say just a hunch, hopefully I am just paranoid.
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    COVID Watch

    Like I say it’s just a hunch, I have no idea. Just the language from other managers about following protocols correctly.
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    COVID Watch

    Reading between the lines of what other clubs have said, I think some of our players have done something wrong. Just a hunch though.
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    Des O’Connor - RIP

    Absolute Gent, the ability to laugh at yourself is a great trait. RIP sir.
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    Des O’Connor - RIP

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    Marseille (a) post match thread

    Yes, only saw the after match analysis, thought we had got done 3-0.
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    Sexual failures

    In my very early twenties I had sex with 3 different women in a 24 hour period, A one night stand, a girl from work the following afternoon, and another one night stand that evening. The failure comes in as i rented in a nice respectable area, paid cheap rent but my landlady kicked me out for...
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    West Ham (A) Post Match Thread

    I still think the players out or not fully fit is hindering City. Laporte, Aguero, De Bruyne, is the spine and will improve us. Lack of pace is a worry but it shouldn’t be with Torres, Foden, Sterling and Mahrez, The problem for me is the midfield just doesn’t work with Rodri and Gundogan...
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    United and Liverpool EFL project - proposal rejected

    Disgusting proposal, driven by two cheeks of the same arse, Rick Parry should resign. He won’t though and this unfortunately will only be the first attempt at another carve up.
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    Go to East LA, flash your lights to let someone out of a junction and then test your driving skills as they chase you with a gun. Is not the done thing there, flashing lights is like a Maori dance.
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    Wolves (A) Post-Match Thread

    Happy with that, thought Mendy was fine in the first half, but shattered in the 2nd. Not going to lay into though that is probably the most awkward winger you can face in the league. Stones still switches off too much for my liking.
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    American part owned, just shuffling money around. It’s a joke no one ever investigates. Same with Bournemouth.
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    Jim Davidson

    I don’t watch much anymore, other than have I got news for you.
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    Jim Davidson

    Big break was a great show. Can’t say any comedian has ever offended me. Wife beating though, he can get in the bin.
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    I hope the Thiago rumours are false, rather have Aouar. Thiago too fragile. I think KDB would rather have Aouar as well judging by his post Lyon match comments.
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    The media in this country are a bunch of arse lickers, she is up there at the top. The way she talks by pausing between every word as if it adds nuance just annoys me. She is nothing but a LFC propagandist, more obsessed with keeping them on their side, to get likes and kudos actual journalism...
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