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    Deeds to your house

    Very soon my mortgage will be paid off . What have BM folk done with their deeds to keep them safe ? Do you have to pay your bank to store them safe ? Solicitors ? Or under your bed ?
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    7 years above the Rags

    Wish I was still at school . Hate the bastards , so many rags who I would love to have a football chat with now
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    Bilbao & San Sebastián

    Me and the mrs are off to Bilbao on Friday for 2 days , San Sebastián for 4 and Getaria 1 day.. Has anyone got any recommendations, tips for decent bars etc . Ps also somewhere to watch city in SS .
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    Indyman Beer festival

    Anyone going this year ? I'm going Friday if I can find my tickets .. Having trouble with my emails on my phone and can't find my tickets , Have they been sent out yet ?
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    Congratulations GirlBob

    Have a great wedding day . What's your 1st dance Bluemoon
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    Any one work for the Courts ?

    My old boss was in Manchester Crown court today for "For Mention " What does this mean ? Also is there anyway to follow the case online ? I'm just being nosey and interested how the case goes .
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    Lost contacts ect on my new iphone5s

    My old iphone 4 has died on me over night , think battery has had it ... I've now bought a 2nd hand iphone5s but I've lost all my contacts , photos,music ect . Can anyone help a techno retard to sort the problem out ?
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    Maximo Park play Blackthorn Festival - Compstall !

    Not into them myself but it's a big band for such a small festival.. Anyone who not been ,it's set in a farm at Etherow Country park . I went last year on the Friday where it's tribute bands , Clone Roses, Happy Mondaze, The Smithes . Great night for a oldie like me . This year it's The Boot...
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    Any Stokies on here ?

    I've got a wedding to attend in April for a work mate .The reception is being held at Brown Edge village hall. Need a hotel or pub with accommodation for 1 night ( not a shit hole ).Ive asked my mate but he's a waste of space with things like this .
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    Free train ticket - Everton

    I have a complimentary rail travel ticket that expires on 07/01/2016 There's not enough time for me to make use of this ,so if anyone wants it let me know ? Ps . It can be used anywhere on the Northern network for one day only .
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    Indy Man Beer Con 2015

    A pal and I are going to the Friday evening session at Victoria Baths £13 entry !!!! Has anyone been to this festival before ? Whats it like , do you get any free stuff ? They have a canning system in place, so any beer you fancy they will can it for you and take it home . Rucksack and plenty...
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    Radio 2 -Top 100 guitar riffs

    Cant be arsed lists all of them . No 10 Money -Pink Floyd I predict , 1 layla, 2 how soon is now , 3 Chain
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    Simple Question ?

    Got asked this tonight in the pub because we are starved of City footy.. Would you swap Silva for Messi ? 6 blues and it was 5 to 1 NO,What you recon ?
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    World Cup Bets

    Done my 1st batch .. Top scores. Dzeko @ 66/1 £1 e/w Sturridge @ 50/1 £1 e/w Rvp @ 28/1 £1 e/w. Not much left in my kitty after the Premiership campaign
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    RIP Phil Chevron

    Sad news , r.i.p Phil , Wrote one of my favourite Pogues songs , Thousands are Sailing . @poguesofficial: After his recent illness we are so sad to say dear Philip passed away peacefully this morning. We send our sincere condolences to his family
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    The Pogues - touring

    Tickets go on general sale tomorrow for the Apollo Dec15th. Think they are a bit steep tho, £42+6 booking =£48 .. that's for the stalls which really is a must for the Pogues. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    Brian Cant 80 Today

    If you are a 60`s baby like my good self you would have grown up listening to the unmistakeable voice of Trumptonshire - Brian Cant . Happy 80th ! Huw ,Pew ,Barney McGrew, Cuthbett, Dibble, & Grub.[*] Shit that didn't work !!!
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    Goodbye Transfer Forum till January

    Its been emotional, fun childish feel free to add your own feelings , but im transfixed by it and love it . Wish TH would return, .See you in Jan . xx
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    Llive Music Manchester tomoz afternoon- O-Sheas ?

    Me and my 16 yr dauaghter a re at a loose end tomoz , she`s a good muscian ( flutist) and along with having some food would love to take her to a bar / pub with some live music,all i can think of is O `Sheas which used to be good but do they still do the SESSIONS ? Any other suggestions ?
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    Best Tradition Pub ever....

    Anyone ever been in the Three Stags Head inn on the A623 in Debyshire. Its like going back in time 250 yrs, open range fire , where the the landlady still cooks on, flagged floors, toilets where you piss against a tiled wall no draught lager, just real ales and bottled Belgian beers no crisps...
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