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    City Supporters Club Rochdale

    Got it, I've sent an email to that address Cheers
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    City Supporters Club Rochdale

    Please forward the above email address to the manager of The Hornet Will gladly talk through what is involved and how we can be of mutual benefit
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    City Supporters Club Rochdale

    Indeed there is, thank you Jacko New members are welcome (to cover the rest of this season & next) & you can obtain details from me via Email See you in the Wine Bar soon
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    Castleton SC meeting - Dennis Tueart with the League Cup?

    Re: Castleton SC meeting - Dennis Tueart with the League Cup Hi Just undergoing some last minute technical hitches (ie we had it booked but MCFC are showing it in the City Store at the same time. I hope to get it sorted satisfactorily but please follow @mcfccassy on twitter / facebook /...
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    Crazy Guy on Bike off on his travels again.

    Just spoke to Bugsy and after watching the derby, he's back in the saddle USA bound. Just to look up an old rag mate.
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    Ticket fraud on Blue Moon Forum!

    Into us for £219. I won't expand too much on here Any Blue wishing to get in touch further should contact us via or DM via twitter @McfcCassy In the mean time, in you fancy a game of football, give Tommy Dawson a shout
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    Crazy Guy on Bike off on his travels again.

    I just popped on here to see if someone had mentioned Chaddy - and here you are hogging all the posts! Sound mate, branch meeting in the Wine Bar on Monday............... Unless you're at Villa...................... Or in South America...................
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    Crazy Guy on Bike off on his travels again.

    Bugsy, you've got some top PR on here mate, how much you paying them? His blog is that good, we always reckoned he had a ghost writer on the back! Take care mate, leave you this in case you missed it on FB/twitter <a class="postlink"...
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    Who was the shortest player to play for City?

    Arthur Mann Get it? No? I'll get my coat
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    Rochdale Blues

    If you're stuck, post summat on our facebook page & I'll spread the word Cheers Castleton Branch
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    Dortmund away travel advice please

    Got to endorse Dusseldorf
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    Is there a supporters club in rochdale?

    Think it's only right that we at Mcfc Cassy, should acknowledge the work of our Predecessors in the Rochdale branch Repeat the honourable mentions to Phil Gatenby, Steve Hewitt, Ken Doodson & of course Mick. Some great guests, top nghts & to do it all without the Internet & mobiles was a hell...
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    Is there a supporters club in rochdale?

    You're very welcome to join Please contact us via twitter @mcfccassy, facebood - Add Mcfc Cassy or just email us Next branch meeting is Sunday 16th September with a couple of special guests. Fookin camp comedian my @rse, get your finger out Social Secretary - it's a big...
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