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    Pub help

    There was a bar in what is now White City Retail Park and its doing my head in . Big bar with crap hanging from the ceiling and walls . Either my googling skills are pants or the whole episode was a figment of my imagination. Help please !
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    Where to watch the rugby

    Off into town tomorrow for breakfast and watch the rugby before the match . Any idea where might be open and half decent ? Breakfast is an option too if they serve decent fare .
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    T shirt slogan help

    Coming up shortly, I have pretty much got a contract of work at Littlewoods FCs new training complex. Obviously there will be a clause in the general site rules that forbids football colours , team shirts etc. So what I need to do is get something on a few shirts that will be fairly subtle but...
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    Orange car park pass

    Selling on behalf of a mate. I’ve sold mine on here for the last couple of seasons but we have another one which won’t get used. £125 for 19 homes and the first three domestic cup rounds only .
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    Car parking for the season. Orange Car Park.

    First off, I'm not sure if this is allowed so feel free to delete if I'm breaking any rules. I get a car park spot with my ticket which I haven't used in the last three seasons. It seems daft to let it go to waste again so thought I'd offer it up on here if somebody can make use of it. Covers...
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    Watching football in the pub . Same for all ?

    A question that’s piqued my interest for a while . I’m in a pub watching the biggest game in world football ever and a few things came to me . I just wondered if it was the same for everyone and every team . Do you shout at the telly like it makes a difference? Booing players ? Do you chant...
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    Interview with Nolito Sorry if already posted, couldn't find it with a search.
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    Can anybody explain this cost discrepancy

    So, I'm charged with getting some tickets for the Napoli game for friends. Long story short. My good mate and I had tickets in the Family Stand for us two and two kids. We are on the friends and family ticket info thing on the official site. He stayed in the Family Stand whilst I went all...
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    Was that just me or did I hear Le Marseillaise before the start of the match? Jesus
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    A sign

    Just back to my hotel, preparing for the night in that there London place. Turned on the interactive channels, picked music, ....... Bam......... First tune . Queen......We Are The Champions. Put your mortgage on Manchester s finest tomorrow afternoon. That is all.
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