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    Pep sending a message?

    Apologies if this had already been posted somewhere. Pep Guardiola: "It’s not about rest here. I saw KDB a little bit exhausted mentally [last week]. But right now I use the players who are in better conditions or more focused. If the players think they have been rested because I am rotating...
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    Anyone who has read Shaun Attwood's book hard time or watches his true crime podcasts on YouTube, will know all about his best friend and former enforcer Peter Mahoney, otherwise known as Wildman. A colourful character who lived life to the full, he sadly passed away today at the relitevely...
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    Fa cup game on the red button.

    A good game and fantastic to see football played with a crowd again, no matter how small.
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    Casting to TV.

    Okay I have tried to cast games to my TV. It has a cast icon and says searching for devices but it never works. My brother in law has the same app and his casting works. I can cast YouTube to my TV from my phone so I have no idea why this doesn't work. Has anyone got any ideas?
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    ROI v Wales.

    A dreadful game and the thug McLean sent off. 0-0 with seconds to go.
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    Go slow?

    Is it just me or has the site slowed right down? It's like navigating through treacle at the moment.
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    Allan's back!!!

    Everton have signed Allan!!! Allan, Allan, Allan!!!!!
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    It's been a good weekend.....

    So far. Three ex rags beaten in the Europa League final, one scoring an own goal winner for the opposition, by a side containg two ex City players and slabhead in prison in Greece. Lovely Jubbly.
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    Large illegal rave in Carrington tonight. No wonder our coronavirus rates are bad.
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    On sky now.
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    For those missing being at a game.

    This short video of our fourth goal going in against Brighton on the last game of the season feels like you're there.
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    Lynn Faulds Wood (John Stapleton’s wife)

    Very sad, John's wife Lynn Faulds Wood has died from a stroke. John of course is a staunch Blue.
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    A decent review of the 1998/9 season.
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    Keep your eyes peeled.- racist rag on the run

    Keep your eyes peeled for this charmer, due to be recalled to prison for breaching his licence, pointless letting him out in the first place.
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    Dave Watson has neurodegenerative disease

    Apologies if it's been posted, very sad news. Dave was a rock alongside Mike Doyle when we were runners up to Liverpool and won the league cup in 1976.
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    Goals on Sunday.

    I am watching this at the moment and Warnock is on the sofa. Fairly entertaining and no doubt he is a character, but he just cannot help himself, every chance he gets he mentions us in a negative way. First dig came when talking about his achievements. He mentioned that his promotion sides...
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    Derby changed to 17:30

    Just received an e mail saying the game against the rags is now 17:30. I am amazed the police didn't object to this. Fan's drinking all day with many probably going straight out afterwards, potential carnage on the cards.
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    Another ridiculous ruling I discovered today.

    So I am on my way out of the south stand today when I realised I had left the latest issue of king of the kippax in a plastic bag under my seat. I literally had one foot out of the exit so quickly about turned to return and get it. I was immediately clotheslined across my chest with some force...
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    Samantha Quek.

    How thick is this woman and obsessed? Who would even notice this anyway? She actually thinks that Granada reports and BBC northwest is just devoted to Manchester news.
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    City fan accused of racially abusing Sterling.

    This is one of the most bizarre things I've read. Just why??
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