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    Sterling racially abused by Chelsea fan?

    i don’t know how Raheem kept his cool. Disgusting
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    Courteeners 07/04 Mcr Arena

    After 2 standing tickets if anyone knows of any going spare. Cheers.
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    Any openSUSE experts on here?

    Trying to update from 13.2 to Leap 42.1, then .2 etc but zypper refresh is failing. The forums telling me its risky to update to Leap unless my current version is up to date but I think it's failing because they have removed the update packages/repositories. Help!
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    Selecting seats

    is there a way to see exactly which seats are free for a certain game on the OS?
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    Paternity test faked - advice

    Hoping for some advice from someone who has had a similar situation. This might be quite unique so failing that maybe there is someone with some legal background. A few years ago my missus at the time got pregnant. Shortly after we split up (nutcase) then within weeks she was seeing someone...
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    Wireless speaker advice

    Currently I have iTunes on my laptop with all my music on. I then have to connect my phone/iPod to sync then plug into a wired Bose Soundstation. I need to get with the 21st centrury so step 1 will be Spotify so I can stream what I want, when I want. The next step is a good quality speaker to...
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    Flagging and fencing - anyone?

    Looking to have a bit of flagging done on the front of my house. Anyone on here do that and want to price it up for me? Or recommendations would be welcomed. Might also (price depending) look at having wrought iron fencing as well. Thanks
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    City tie (without badge)

    Got a wedding next week and I'd like a tie in city colours but without the badge. Maybe something with a bit of maroon in it without looking like a villa/burnley tie. Can anyone recommend somewhere to have a look?
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    England Blue Italian 90 shirt

    Seen a few people with thsee recently. Italia 90 is one of my first and best memories of football would love one of these shirts. Any ideas?
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    Data backup at home

    I'm after backing up all my photos and music from my laptop. Don't really want to have the ongoing cost of the cloud so looking at possibly doing it with 2 HDD's. I have a spare Raspberry Pi which you can apparently set-up to do RAID mirroring. What do other people do?
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    Getting a copy of/downloading a TV program

    This is a long shot but I am after a copy of a Panorama program called Old, Drunk and Disorderly that was aired in 2012 on BBC. We had this on the sky planner but it has disappeared, my other half is gutted as the program has a personal value to her. Does anyone know of anyway to get hold of...
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    The Lakes

    Never been so thinking of planning a surprise few days there at the end of the month for me, Mrs TLC and our 9 month old. Any advice on best places and accommodation? Thanks
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    Company car vs allowance

    Has anyone got any experience on this? I've been given the option of either taking an allowance of up to £400 for a car or have a company car. I've been looking at the BMW 520d due to it's low emissions but cannot work out which deal would be best for me. If I take the allowance then I...
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    Raspberry Pi 2

    Has anyone got one of these yet? Quad core processor 1gb of RAM and 6 times faster than the original. I've already got the original model B unit running XBMC/Kodi that works great for HD movies and box sets for a £25 outlay. Want one of these new ones but not sure what to use it for. Possibly...
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    First time buyer - help!

    Looking to get my foot on the property ladder so I've just had a mortgage in principle agreed by Halifax via a financial advisor. They would lend me up to £255k although based on my monthly payment budget and deposit, I'm looking at around £150k with a 2 year fixed rate of 2.99%. So - what...
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    Printing pictures - where?

    Became a dad a week ago - happiest moment of my life. Anyway been snapping away on a new Nikon DSLR my dad got us as a present. Got some lovely, clear pics. Would love to get some printed but want the print quality to do the pictures justice. I know places like Boots and Asda do it but wanted...
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    David Villa to NYCFC

    So says Tancredi Palmeri. 3 year deal.
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    Italian ingredients

    Been watching Two Greedy Italians on TV. It's inspired me to get into Italian cooking. Is there anywhere in and around Mcr I can get good ingredients rather than the bog standard supermarket stuff? Ie oils, cheeses, hams etc. Like an italian deli or wholesale I guess.
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    Playing at City on Weds

    Charity tournament. We are raising for Cystic Fibrosis. If anyone would like to donate to this great cause, the link is below. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Thanks James.
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    New build vs used house

    Going to be a Dad for the 1st time in Sept. Currently rent a flat on a new build estate in Audenshaw. Really nice place. Quiet no traffic or problems etc. This has convinced me we should buy a new build in an area like this. Obviously a big decision so if anyone has any experience/advice? Thanks
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