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    Stuck in Prague - Game tonight.

    Supposed to fly home yesterday now can’t get out til Friday and that’s only to brum, can’t get in to Dublin until Saturday. Had to change hotels and everything wife freaking out as kids are not with us and at home with their nan. Anyway the more pressing matter - I was just wondering if anyone...
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    Fires at Chernobyl

    Has this been picked up by western media yet I stumbled across it on RT. Large area of forest around the original disaster zone are on fire and there are fears radiation could spread due to the contaminated trees being burnt. I know it's election time and in America Baltimore is high on the...
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    Feeding sky tv through a projector.

    I was hoping some one might be able to help. I got a projector for Christmas which is going in the bedroom. I have one sky box that is in the living room which then has cable running of it to an wall Ariel in the kitchen and one in my bedroom. Is there away of hooking up the projector to the...
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    Why would you put salt on a banana?

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    Morning all.

    So I've been up with the two little ones this morning whilst Mrs Wardie has a lie in. Anyway we are off to the races at the Curragh later I was wondering if anyone had any tips.
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    Any mechanics out there?

    Recently bought a motor, the coolant drains from the Over flow reservoir within three days, but the radiator is full, I've had a pressure test done no leaks, no sweet smell from exhaust a little white smoke on a cold start and some drops on ground but disappears when car warmed up. Car doesn't...
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    Signing for Bayern.
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    EU Referendum

    Might be a thread already is so please merge. Are you in or out and why?
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    Birmingham going bust!!!

    Always going to happen.
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    Been there a few times real eye opener, all sorts of shapes and sizes think I might stick my head in there again soon.
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    Warrington v Wigan

    Anyone watching, what a game. Come on Wire.
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