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    Season ticket payments - refunds/credits due by June 19th

    Hopefully the club take the moral high ground on this and give a decent discount on next years ST’s to reflect the games missed. I’d love Sheikh Mansour to also set up a support fund for the lower league clubs. Stick £50m in a pot and become the saviour of English football for stopping multiple...
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    Surely if we take to the CAS then the ban will be suspended until the outcome of the appeal?
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    FA Cup Final v Watford - Pre Match Thread

    Do we have anything planned for the 2nd anniversary of the Arena atrocity? 22nd minute applause to remember the 22?
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    Players allegedly singing “Allez” song

    I hope the person who filmed and uploaded this has been sacked. Won’t be exactly hard to figure out who it was by the seat number, so not only are they snakes for stitching up the players like this (who by the way only joined in with the Allez part) but they are also thick as fuck
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    Media coverage 2018/19

    We should make a bid for one of the red top papers and fight back ourselves.
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    Players allegedly singing “Allez” song

    I think the problem on that occasion was that it was two days after 22 people lost their lives at the Arena because of the terrorist bomb. City and United has created a stand together approach in the face of it and Lingard was telling City to fuck off. Any other time it was fair game to be...
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    Liverpool thread 2018/19

    They are planning a bus welcome for our game against Leicester over on Rawk now! Some pri “Right. It’s time now. The 6th May is a bank holiday. You are all available. We show these manc c*nts how much we want it. Yes if they win a standard game against leicester we’ll be ridiculed by the press...
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    Away tickets

    Introduce a 5 year rolling point system. That way the high points guys are still at the front one the queue at the start of the system but people can catch up by going to the less glamorous midweek games...and gives everyone the opportunity to move up IF they dedicate themselves
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    Where You Watching The Derby Tonight?

    I’m in Rag corporate with a Scouse contractor of mine. I’ll be off quicker than the Rags when the 6th went in if we don’t manage 3 points!
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    Spurs (a) CL QF

    Hi, I’ve just missed out on points so of anyone can help please give me a shout Thanks in advance GX
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    Why we will win the league!

    He’s just winding the Rags up to try even harder. “Beat the Dippers and we are back in the title race....Pep said so!”
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    Club Shop opening times

    Is the stadium shop open today? Need to change something for my lad but I can’t find anything online apart from normal opening times
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    Liverpool Away - Sold Out

    Still looking for one if anyone knows of one. Cheers, GX
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    Liverpool Away - Sold Out

    Still looking for one please
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    Liverpool Away - Sold Out

    Bloody missed out as I was stuck in a meeting all day. If anyone has a spare please give me a shout as I just have to be there for this one Cheers GX
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    Burnley (H) - FA Cup Tickets

    I’m after 1 adult and 1 child. We couldn’t go originally as my lad was playing but now his tournament has been cancelled. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated Happy to take 2 adults as well as long as they are together. Cheers GX
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    Blue light annoyance.

    Built before the days of CDM regs
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    Napoli post-match thread

    Going to be tough over there
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    Napoli away

    Think I counted 16 coaches so that sounds about right. I'm glad I experienced it because the stadium and atmosphere was awesome but I'm ducking this one
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    Jonny Evans

    Let's just hope the Rags do a Pogba and outbid us
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