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    YouTube buffering issue.

    Still doing it. Absolutely infuriating.
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    YouTube buffering issue.

    Hiya. I've recently got virgin fibre broadband. It runs well, 50mbps download, 5 upload. Believe me when I say its fantastic compared to the between 2 and 5 mbps I had previously, living in broadband black hole I guess. So, broadband is fine. Pages on Internet are quick to load. The boys ps4...
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    Words and phrases you don't hear any more.

    Rum **** hahaha I still use that. And shape yourself, I use that a lot with the teenage child. Preceded usually with f'kn.
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    Not listened to that station for ages. I still enjoy looking at this thread occasionally, I was in this or the official ronnie irani is a cùnt thread. Good times.
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    The photos thread

    Very happy boy
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    Best City celebrations

    What a goal by Royle. Sent that defender miles away. Remember them days when it would get dark halfway through the second half.
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    “City have got no history”

    It is. I dont think many clubs, if at all, have scored five at Old Trafford in modern times in the premier league. Back in 1926 United again suffered a 6-1 at Old Trafford. The opponents. Manchester City.
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    Epstein found dead in his cell/Prince Andrew interview

    There's a lot of these self inflicted gunshot wounds to people who have had association with certain high profile people in the US over the past 40 years.
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    Match Thread | Newcastle vs Man City (28/06/20)

    Going to be hard work to walk the ball through Newcastle's 20 man defence.
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    Match Thread | Newcastle vs Man City (28/06/20)

    I was telling my sons as we walked across Piccadilly gardens the other day about how there used to be real gardens there and also how I used to get off my nut in 21's. Their faces of anguish and boredom cheered me up no end!
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    Match Thread | Newcastle vs Man City (28/06/20)

    I never post on match threads. ...but I just came to say FFS Mahrez
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    Match Thread | Chelsea vs Man City (25/06/20)

    At best BT could be described as not being at all partial towards City. Remember a few seasons ago they advertised the champs league quarter finals and didn't include city in that advert? Cúnts.
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    Match Thread | Chelsea vs Man City (25/06/20)

    Quick one, not match related but nvm. Are we obliged to give the scousers a guard of honour?
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    The Mandela Effect

    Right, this is getting on my tits now. It's a word. Comparism. Is it me just spelling it the way I hear it? The word that autocorrect tells me to use is comparison, which I have no knowledge of until the adverts for price comparison websites started hitting the television. It's proper done my...
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    Liam Threadwell RIP

    That's just so sad.
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    Is this the worst Mancunian accent ever ??

    "This is are pach" fuck me, what a knobhead
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