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    Approved by Yaya (actually Yiayia)

    I heard one commercial and had to watch them all. .lol. Maybe our Yaya is Greek! He did play in Greece.
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    Yaya's Birthday is Sunday

    Our favorite big game player turns 29 on Sunday. So be sure to sing for our birthday boy. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    Two questions.. about the PL.

    First I tried looking it up, but has the top division ever have a a table end with top two teams level on points? (pre PL included) Second with promotion of Reading and possible Southampton,, and with QPR staying up could there be a record number of southern clubs in the PL era? Just seemed...
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    What if scoreless draws were worth no points?

    Im just asking the question. After seeing so many Serie A matches end 0-0. I know there are positives and negatives. If game was scoreless neither club got a point.. What do you think of that?
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    International Soccer on American TV today (October 11th)

    Today ESPN2 is having a triple header of soccer (footbal) Starting with Belgium vs German at 1PM EST Then USA vs Ecuador at 7PM EST Then Mexico vs Brazil at 930 pm EST All on ESPN2 You are welcome my yank fellow blues.
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    Platt doing the post match inverviews

    One of the journos on twitter said that Platt would be doing in the interviews, post match so it was decided before the match Do you think this is because of the legal issues with Tevez, the club is afraid that Mancini might miss interpret a question? They just rather have someone whose...
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    Preimer League lists

    I didnt see this anywhere. merge if necessary. All 20 teams PL lists. <a class="postlink" href=",,12306~2440123,00.html" onclick=";return false;"> ... 23,00.html</a>
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    What was your favourite City goal today?

    Mine was the third. The way Yaya created that goal for Dzeko then leaped into his arms was priceless to me lol I cant wait till I can see the whole build up of that goal.
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    Radja Nainggolan

    From Twitter.. its a Belgium writer. <a class="postlink" href="!/BelgoFoot/status/88817119470432256" onclick=";return false;">!/BelgoFoot/status/ ... 9470432256</a>
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    CIty in the States

    When is City flying the squad to San Francisco? Haven't heard if we will train here before we head out or we have a camp planned in the states.
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    Gael Clichy [Merged]

    Like how he asked Boateng how he could compete with the great Micah Richards, oh crap he got that right. He is cringeworthy most of the time. I was hoping we hire Robbie Savage for when he isnt working for ESPN.. No chance there.
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    Who's your man crush transfer target?

    Who is the one player if we got you would cream yourself over? We know Dax77 wants Pastore. Mine would be Baines. Just thinking of our current squad with an good attacking LB back makes me go weak in the knees. (yes a healthy Bale would do the trick too, but would cost too much)
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    Fair play.. Is it really fair?

    I posted ths in the Tevez thread.. but thought it deserved its own topic..... The advantage Barcelona and Real Madrid have, is that their domestic league tv package pays them about £50 million more a year than any other clubs. Their league pays them a lot more than any of the other clubs...
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    ISP trouble

    For four hours I haven't been able to access bluemoon forums. I could see the bluemoon main page and see the active topics on that page so knew it was my problem. Had same trouble on laptop daughters computer and my phone until I turned off the wifi connection. And it immidatly loaded. So...
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    Buyer for AS Roma (non City topic)

    Those pesky Americans <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... c8Wz9r57JN</a> Giants and Jets looking to buy Italian...
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    Off Topic... Theiry injures goalie gets slap on the wrist

    I like Henry in the states. I am an American but this isnt cool at all He got an $2000 fine.. but is ruled out of clash vs LA against Beckham and Landon do to nagging injury.. seems odd.
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    Injury update

    Mancini in the post match interview gave an update on our injured fullbacks. Kolarov he said 6, 7 or 8 weeks. ugh Boateng he said two weeks. Bridge he said after the international break he should be back. So there is our walking wounded report.
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    I feel privlidged.. about twitter

    I am being blocked by Daniel Taylor of the Guardian now. I noticed that I wasnt getting any tweets from him, and tried to follow him again and it said this user has blocked you. The other day when he was posting that Ozil to MUFU bollocks, I said it was crap. He just said sometimes Fergie...
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    USA Vs Brazil Thread

    Any body else gonna stay up with me? USA vs Brazil is on ESPN tonite.. And guess what Robinho is the capt. Oh yea.. Luiz is playing as well. Course I'm in the states so its only 8pm for me. Here is the Brazil team: BRAZIL: Victor; Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Andre Santos; Lucas...
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    Players leaving for International Duty

    Please tell me if any of these are wrong England Aj, Hart, Barry Ivory Coast Yaya, Kolo Germany Boateng Spain Silva Argentina Tevez, Zeb (added from edit) Wales Bellamy Ireland NT Given, Cunningham Belgium Kompany (not sure of these three) Serbia Kolv?? Holland De Jong?? Thats...
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