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    City 2nd, United 6th in Premiership - happy?

    Id take City 4th, UTD 18th. Other wise lets win the whole thing.
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    Press conferences

    I thought it was Neville asking the questions this week.. Sure sounded like him.
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    Claudio Reyna

    This is true for me as well...
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    Good news for U.S. Premier League fans

    Remember we are the land of the free.. (soccer) Only 20 games would be on free over the air Tv. So its not as bad as it sounds. Only the late Saturday kick off.
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    Good news for U.S. Premier League fans

    More info: NBC outlines vast Premier League coverage with new TV deal NBC Sports has finally revealed its plans for the English Premier League, and upon first glance, the network's tonnage is as impressive as Robin van Persie in the six-yard box. During a Premier League presentation at NBC's...
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    Will all teams park the bus against us from now on? (merged)

    Re: Will all teams park the bus against us from now on? I totally agree. The first of last season Milner was always in the line up. And we were scoring goals for fun, especially at OT. When he went out, we struggled during the post Christmas period. He is a better passer than Garcia...
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    Will all teams park the bus against us from now on? (merged)

    Re: Will all teams park the bus against us from now on? I was thinking the same. When only one of four fullbacks are available. We can be bogged down without an early goal.
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    Your top 5 current City players

    I am a bit biased but Yaya to me is the best player in the world not named Messi or Ronaldo, in my opinion.
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    List of reasons we have been so poor this year.

    So how many games did he start last year? I remember a long stretch of game he didnt even start.
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    Our best ever player was a German

    My very first thought..
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    Javi Garcia

    Remember how all last season Mancini said we were a CM short. We brought two in Rodwell and Gracia, and sold one NDJ. I think we have more options this season, NDJ he was good against, teams that played football, but against teams that parked the bus he was honestly wasnt as useful. So now...
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    Inside City 43

    Yes and I notice in that long session there was no goal, so the lads had to keep the ball on the pitch and seems preferably on the ground.
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    Haha My thoughts exactly..
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    Stoke Vs City Pre match Discussion Thread

    No Sergio or Zab on bench.
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    Announcement OS - Champions League 24 Man Squad released

    This reminds me of the story of an Boston Red Sox fan that woke up from an 20 year coma, to the news that the Red Sox won their first world series in 2004. He didnt believe them. They last won the series before that in 1918.
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    Champions League 25 Man Squad

    Where is Denis Suarez?
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    Champions League 25 Man Squad

    Using club trained goalie instead of Wright. We have two club trained players? You can have 4 club trained, 4 association trained players.
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    Squad Numbers For the New Signings?

    How can he have #34 when NDJ already used that in PL game last week? Its in other thread Maicon 3, Sinclair 11, Garcia 14 and Nasty 33 (weird choice)
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    Cavani (continued)

    I heard it was a lower fee if Napoli misses CL next year. Maybe im wrong.
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    Nastasić (cont) UPDATE. done deal.

    Re: Nastasić (cont) Even though its a swap deal. It could actually be separate transactions.
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