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    Worst pain you've experienced

    what's the worst pain you've experienced? I once trapped my finger in a metal door pulled it out as I panicked and degloved the tip of my finger, so the bone was poking out. That wasn't fun. Medical pain answer's only please. No watching city under Pearce, ball etc.... :)
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    Our recent records

    Does anyone know where I can see all the recent records what we've broken over the past few years? If there Is another thread, could someone please link it. Much appreciated
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    Smelly fan

    Theres this lad who sits near me at city and he fuckin stinks. Dont think he's had a bath in about 3 years. Makes me gag everytime he stands up Does anyone have a number I can contact at the ground To sort this out x
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    Evidence for religion

    Evidence for god. So was thinking before.... Everyone believed in father Christmas as a child and at a certain age you are told it's not real and you think to yourself 'of course it's not real how can a man fly to billions of houses in one night, how can a reindeer fly etc... I wonder why...
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    Would you prefer Spurs or Liverpool win the CL ?

    If you had to choose Who would you rather win the champions league spurs or liverpool? Even though I hate them on par with the rags I'd choose liverpool. I'm sorry. Really dont want another new team winning it before we do.
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    Players you thought we would sign

    Who are the players or managers you always thought would one day play/manage for us but never did. Player - steed malbranque Manager - Gordon strachan
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    Which team would win thread

    I'll start with. Peps fully fit city team this season Or.... Stuart Pearce's and Beanie's 06-07 team? Toughy but pep edges it. Imo of course.
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    What odds were we at 1-2 qpr

    My dad asked me if anyone knows what odds we were just before dzeko got 1 back against QPR?
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    Porto break

    Going Porto for a short break. Only going for 2 days. Never been before so not sure how expensive it is. How much (spending money) would be sufficient? And can anyone recommend places to visit. Cheers
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    Mind blowing facts

    What facts blow your mind Every time you read it. I'll start. There are more ways to shuffle a deck of cards than there are atoms on earth. Here is the number. 80658175170943878571660636856403766975289505440883277824000000000000 If you had a timer here's what you could do before it goes to...
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    got a new passport coming and it says your passport has been printed and is on its way. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to come after they send it out? Thanks LHO
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    Someones knocking on the door, someones ringing the bell

    Easily the most annoying set of Cnuts on the telle. If they knocked on my door, i dont think id answer, regardless of how much i could have won.
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    Possibly the worst delivery company in the entire observable universe Discuss.
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    Pebble dash house removal.

    I Bought a house a few months ago and its been pebbledashed. Does anyone know roughly the cost to get it removed. Its a big house, 5 bedrooms. Not sure if that would increase the price. Cheers. LHO.
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    Have just been refunded something for £950. It appears in the 'money in tab' but my paypal balance is at 0.00 Will that 950 go straight into my bank. Ta
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    Overrated things

    the Beatles. The smiths. Both crap No city players .
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    if pele was playing now, at the level he was in his prime not as a 75 year old, what standard would he be. watching highlights of him, although amazing for the time I don't think he'd get in any top 10 side. I may be way of the mark but whatever. What do you reckon?
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    Players who had a trial

    is there any list, or does anyone know any players (high profile) who had a trial with us yet still made it in football somewhere else. Watching that Nir Bitton for Celtic and reminded me he played one friendly a few years ago, Also remember hearing mark schwarzer played a reserve game in the...
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    What's the Oldest item you own

    What's the oldest thing you own? I've got a Roman coin from emperor Claudius ii which dates from 268-270 Ad. Can anyone beat that??
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    Bt homehub

    I'm having issues with xbox live and one of the suggestions is to make sure the Xbox Mac settings is not being blocked by my router (homehub 3) to do this I need to access my homehub manger but when I type in the thing which accesses this nothing comes up? Just constantly loads. I have no PC...
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