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    Mancini on Italian strictly..

    From 2 mins in.
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    Israeli diplomat scandal, why isn't this headline news..?

    Shai Masot Interfering with British politics, but most of the media fail to report it, I wonder why..
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    David Ginola unwell

    Only 49 ffs.
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    Howard Marks.

    RIP man, what a life. Lighting one up in your honour.
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    Official #champions memorabilla on OS

    Mancini bobble head.. £15, looks like a crap cardboard cut out thing or summat. The champions mural pig and poznan bench gnomes look interesting tho..
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    The positive we'll still win the title thread...

    The pessimists can go whine in other threads... positive comments only in here please. All it takes is a utd draw and a city win, and its back in our hands. If we're within 3pts before the Derby, it's still ours. keep the faith. And we've still got the typical city unexpected win joker card to...
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    Meteor over UK tonight.. great pic Anyone see it?
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    Arsene gets torn apart...2moros headlines!

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    I don't get it....

    And I dunno what to say....
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    Win the title...thank Mansour then wave bye..

    FA cup last year, if we could add the title this yr, that'll do me... I'd be happy with that... We really don't need all this domination, endless trophies year after year shit, it'd be so fuckin borin.. Grateful for all he's done but after a few yrs of success what's the point..?
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    What do I win..?

    gotta be a million of summat..?
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    Best team in the land and all the world..

    There's been one hell of a turnaround. Worldwide media, other fans, the bloke in the street and even FIFA are all suddenly on our side, and are looking at us to make a stand against these 'prima donnas' as no-one else is in a position to do so. We need to be careful cos if we get this right...
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    I really hope this guy gets a run out on Wed, I've been impressed with what bits I've seen of him, seems 100% commited and must be raring to go, I'd like to see him start.
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    Why no MOTD thread?...

    I wanted to post summat bout Arsenal and Gervinho.. and that strange own goal, what else was he hoping to do by sidefooting the ball towards his own net?
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    Rioters destroy Arctic Monkeys vinyl....

    "The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala is released on Monday (15th August 2011) and as a result of a fire at the Sony DADC warehouse, the 7” vinyl will not be available in usual retail outlets. There are a limited number of copies of the 7” vinyl that will be available through <a class="postlink"...
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    Ufo's over London..

    Pretty convincing stuff..
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    Parade a week on Monday..

    FA Cup winners Manchester City have announced they will be parading their newest piece of silverware around the city a week on Monday. Their celebration comes only a day after the Premier League ends - a competition won by fierce rivals Manchester United, also on Saturday. City were approved...
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    Ade slating Mancini in NOTW

    Apologies if already posted, I've not seen it! EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR has laid bare the despair of his nightmare at Manchester City. He admits his relationship with Roberto Mancini is non-existent, that the City manager's methods have alienated Carlos Tevez and talks openly...
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    When Avram Grant's notes blew onto the pitch..!

    Was pretty funny in its own right, but I've only just found out when Howard Webb gave them back to him Avram pretended to sign an autograph for him..! Apologies if mentioned elsewhere, but I've not seen it...
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    Just took a stroll up the canal...

    Very enjoyable and peaceful, although there was some strange duck stuff going on.. Anyway I thought, its been a while.. I wouldn't mind gettin me tackle out.. do you still get fined if you get caught..?
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