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    BT Advert changed

    Delighted to see that the club had the BT advert changed for the website and put in a City goal. Bad mistake at the time but well done for sorting it
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    1926 Cup Final

    Couldnt Find a post to this anywhere
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    Enjoy the anniversary - one year on - 23rd October 2011

    60,000 empty seats - its only 6-1.
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    Stalybridge v City XI - 20th July

    just seen a flyer for this. £6 adults and £2 kids entry 7.30 kick off. It'll be the kids but Stalybridge have a youngish side too and they like to play so its been an open game for the last few years.
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    Queue to relocate.

    There are10 in the queue at the ticket office, first was here at 5.30.
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    Trouble with Coast

    Its on that many channels I dont know where I am up to and never get to the end of the journey.
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    Love for YaYa

    Not all pre-derby press is bad Yaya Touré: Manchester City 'is a story waiting to be written' The Ivorian midfielder wants Manchester City to be as loved as Barcelona while remaining committed to his troubled homeland...
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    Is this really the Mirror we all hate?

    How dare Arsenal fans call City boring when they gloried under Graham...
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    Determined to see the game!

    Saw something today - best ever jib into a game. At the start of the game i was on the front row right behind the goal. There were two stewards stood immediatly in front of me on pitch side getting on my nerves cos they were stood up. City scored, we were bouncing about and these two suddenly...
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    Bernard Halford Q&A

    Our Club Secretary Bernard Halford is speaking at a centenary fund raiser for Stalybridge Celtic if anyone is interested I believe there will be opportunity for Q&A session
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