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    No History

    To all tv commentators,journalists other fans like the cheap jibes to our team just like to say Hope you enjoyed history being made before your very eyes today F*** you all
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    Manchester councils new chairs

    Taxpayers will want to sit down before reading this. Labour-controlled Manchester council are cushioning recent cuts by splurging £50,000 on 140 designer chairs. The furniture fat cats bought 90 ‘Vitra’ chairs at £387 each and 28 ‘Modus’chairs at £289 each to glam up the local library, as well...
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    Till death do us part remake 2016

    just watching on the BBC they have remade some classic sit coms this along with are you being served I personally think it's a pile of shite Why do they try to improve classic comedy shows and end up ruining them
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    Sepps nice little bonus

    just seen on Sky that sepp and his close friends awarded them self a bonus of over 55 million over 5 years No wonder he didn't want to leave
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    Not in my lifetime

    Not in my lifetime used by the GPC but now used by me A blue for over 50 years and thought I would never see the day that city would be one match away from playing for aplace in the European cup final So for all the blues I've met and for the family blues I've lost over the years I ask just...
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    Get your knobs ready

    Made me smile I'm so childish From the BBC <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    Fred the weatherman

    Just found guilty on two offences
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    Moyes investigated by police

    Just on sky news
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    What a difference a week makes

    Last Monday start of the season full of expectations and hope,after match thoughts nearly all good Today well things have changed dramatically That's why we all love the game Roll on next week see what that brings us Wouldn't change it for the world CTID
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    Celeb big brother

    Mrs has got it on I've only watched 10 mins and ready to throw a brick at the telly Utter shite
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    Sky sports for iPhone and smartphones

    Just seen sky sports for iPhone etc for£4.99 a month You get all sky sports plus F1 in the package Just installed it and looks good value for £4.99 much cheaper than the watch for a day for £9.99 Just connected phone to tv and although not hd it's good
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    1970s season ticket free brass coaster?

    Been chatting about our season tickets for city at Maine rd I can remember getting it by post one year with a bloody heavy Brass coaster with the city badge design Nobody else can recall getting them, did anyone else get one or can they recall what year it was
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    F1 silverstone

    Hi any blues camping for the weekend Sat night woodlands campsite free concert By Bernie Marsden original member of whitesnake Seen him a few times and is awesome Good local pub with good food/beer the queens Near Stowe school See you there
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    Well done Wigan

    Congrats you deserved it
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    For bluemoon over 55

    For those who can remember city winning the old first division Which do you think was harder to win the 1st division or the premiership?
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    Is it only me or is this total shite Wtf has happened to sat night tv
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    Vaping make your own e juice recipes

    As a fairly new convert to vaping and was totally amazed by how good it is I bought a mix your own kit and loving it , the flavour combinations you can have seem endless So are there any fellow vapers who mix there own have any good recipes and tips They would like to share
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    Pat Karney minister for big screens

    We should ask manchesters answer to bernie ecclestone to put big screens up around manchester on sunday for the thousands of ticketless city fans to watch the final match of the season,in which manchesters only club have a good chance of being crowned champions for the first time since 1968,such...
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    Plaza cafe upper brooke st

    A blast from the past was talking with old friends about the nights mostly drunken one we spent in the legendary curry house run by Charlie.has any other blues visited or can remeber the curries from fancy names...mild.meduim hot charlie special etc,we once got a takeaway from him and...
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    mufc v mcfc dvd?

    Did any members of the forum record the match in full and if so would they be willing to do a copy for me? I was over in tampa on hols when the match was on and didnt find a place with it on all i could find in the so called sports bars was nascar/baseball and bloody american football on they...
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