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    City 4th On Transfer Deals Since 1992 (In Today's Money)

    According to this table, when you convert transfer fees paid into today's value, City are 4th in the expenditure list. This table runs from 1992 to present.
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    End of the decade -or not?

    And old chestnut... It all goes bask to a monk called Dionysius Exiguus who, in 525, introduced the BC/AD system, initially in order to calculate Easter. His calendar went straight from BC-1 to AD+1 there was never an AD-0. So, mathematically the first decade ran 10 years to end December 2010...
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    World's Most Valuable Players

    I can't believe our Kevin is not in the top 30 and Sancho ahead of Bernie!!! (From the D.Mail TOP 30 MOST EXPENSIVE PLAYERS 1 - Kylian Mbappe (PSG) £223.8m 2 - Mohamed Salah (LIV) £195m...
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    Virus Threat

    My AVG anti-virus software keep disconnecting me from this website claiming to have detected harmful malware. Any on else had this problem?
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    All The Young Dudes

    We have one of the best football academies in the world and producing some brilliantly talented youngsters. Problem is of course that to do with them? We probably already have the best first team squad in the PL so it is always going to be difficult to square the circle of keeping the lads at...
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    Italians that have played for City

    As Jorginho's signing seems fairly imminent. I'm just wondering if he is the first Italian the club have signed. I've been watching City since the late 1950s and can't recall any Italians in the squad. Do any other players speak Italian?
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    MC Website Fixture List Errors

    Just been on the MC website to check on rearranged fixtures, that's about all I use it for these days. The listed KO times are incorrect on all future games. Despite being among world leaders in football, I think most people's opinion on the new website is decidedly negative, pretty much a load...
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    Manager's Interviews On Official Website

    I used to enjoy listening to City managers pre-match interviews. Not so much recently though, firstly you cannot hear the questions being asked and with all due respect to Pep he does sometimes mumble and his accent can make it difficult to hear what he is saying. Can I suggest subtitles as an...
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