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    Leaking Roof

    hope one of you will know the answer to this. One section of my roof has a valley section. Over the last few years there has been a leak into the eaves. It looks like the water flows from what looks like a corrugated sheet of plastic that follows the valley (Travis Perkins call it a valley...
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    Rio thread

    What happened to it? Please don't tell me someone was crass enough to say something out of order. Surely we are better than that!!
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    Doe anyone think they will still have a say? I think they have lost their moment and are now a wasted vote. Better to vote what you really think rather than waste it on this lot
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    Student accommodation pods

    Anyone seen these? 15-20 K to buy all with short lease student tenants. Worth a punt as an investment ?
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    Silly number plates

    Spotted this today. Seen any other ones?
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    Gardens hotel Piccadilly

    Left it a bit late to book for the Barca match. Anyone stayed there? Gets very mixed reviews
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    Ios8.1 losing stuff

    Got an iPhone 6. And the fecking thing keeps losing ringtones I have downloaded and it has lost all my music. This happen to anyone else?
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    Falcons smashing the Lions
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    Windows 8.1

    Just bought an Asus hybrid laptop and got my email set up but it won't let me attach excel files to emails. The help button takes me to some shit forum where people are posting they have the same problem but not solutions. Any of you techie bods got a sensible suggestion?
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    The Hollies

    Took Mrs Rep to see them tonight. Still a cracking band
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    English Countryside

    Just on a train from Brum to Hampshire. It just struck me how astonishingly beautiful our country is especially at this time of year. I can't imagine living anywhere else. That is all
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    Early Retirement

    Mrs Rep wants me to retire in a couple of years time when I'm 60. Bricking it to be honest, Im worried I will be bored, irrelevant, poor etc Any of you lot done it and have advice?
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    iPad PDF 's

    Since I did the latest software update, files like pdf's are either not opening or are corrupted. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it? My iPhone 5 is the same
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    Buy to let

    Anyone on here involved in the north west? I live in the south and it's pointless trying to invest here so could do with some advice cheers
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    Travel time

    Normally when I come for home games I stay overnight but in March I am bringing a mate of mine who is a Fulham fan and we need to get back home the same night. The last flight out is at 7pm. Is it possible to make it back to the airport by 6.15? If so what's the best route, tram to Piccadilly...
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    What's everyone having\had for tea?

    Beans on toast Had a long lunch with a client :-0
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    For some reason, messages get stuck in my outbox. Doesn't always happen but is a pain when it does. Anybody know why?
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    Champions League

    Looking to book our company launch in Feb at the Etihad to tie in with a midweek match. ATM Sunderland is on the 12th. Is it likely to get moved if we progress in the CL? can't find anywhere that says when the next round dates are
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    What is this?

    This thing has appeared on my neighbours aerial, it's the bit on the right. Looks like a wind turbine with a little box attached Any idea what it is?
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    Official products

    I bought a fleece from the store and I ordered the correct size. Now it has arrived, the shoulders fit, the sleeves are the correct length but it fits like a jumper and is as short as a jumper. Is this right? It looks like a fleece but fits like a jumper. Maybe it's a new fashion and old farts...
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