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    Club Silence on BM Refunds

    I asked if refunds were available due to working away and I received a refund within 24 hours.
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    New official City website

    Scouser at work reckoned the old one was the best site he had seen for football and couldnt believe what they replaced it with, totally agreed, its dreadful (PS they must be watching this as the video miraculously worked a few minutes after I posted earlier today)
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    New official City website

    Trying to see the match highlights from last might and all I get is my account pages, obviously I am signed in to watch as it requests, i have to be otherwise it wouldnt get my account details, but just cant get to the video at all, very strange? Any ideas anyone?
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    Frustrations with the OS.

    thats what its designed for i think, portrait layout, it must be cos its crap on a laptop, in landscape. huge pictures, half the text visible, cant resize as it resizes itself.
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    Coldplay @ Etihad

    not a great follower of Coldplay but thought Sunday was a great night, they put out plenty of good tunes and at times the place was absolutely bouncing. Chris Martin came across well I thought. Next up for me The Undertones at Holmfirth!!
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    Kodi (Bluemoon Build)

    Finally got round to updating Kodi, then this build, excellent cheers
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    So what time did everyone get home and more.......

    Got a good run from Rickmansworth at 9pm and up the M1 and woodhead to Denton for 12:15. would have been quicker but for ever present roadworks. Most cars went up the M6 so could have been busy in Brum?
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    Here's to you Vincent Kompany

    A great sporting moment but having watched it back noticed that Sky just didn't show or mention Vinny commiserating with all of the Liverpool players in either the live show or the highlights package which says so much about them.
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    Check when high tide is, we had to wade through 2ft of freezing water to get to the bus station to get back to the airport, water was that high none of the boats could run as they couldnt get under the bridges.
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    Liverpool thread

    Cringeworthy but calculated. he has engaged well with their fans and they are lapping it up. Joker in the pack takes the pressure of the players. More interested in his post match slagging off of WBA/Pulis tactics of long ball and mass defending saying teams cant come here and do that. Welcome...
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    Very first programme for a game at Maine Road

    Empire was on the other side of Hyde Road to where the Apollo is, although it was demolished in the early 60's. I dont think that corner has ever been built on?
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    Well done young Finn.

    mine not working either
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    City to be charged for booing Champions League jingle (anthem)

    I will boo next time and the time after that and I will keep booing until someone has the balls to stand up and take this corrupt organisation away from being a cash cow for individuals and gives the power to the clubs and not self serving "members"
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    Media bias against City

    The build up to derby day is going to be the worst ever for us in the press, they are in full swing now, Every derby we ever lost will be on Sky Classic games, the BBC have a class of 92 documentary on Salford City, Talkshite will be fawning over LVG and his pronouncements and the Mail will...
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    Media bias against City

    Ashamed to say that I put TalkSport on the car radio on the way home as there was nothing on GMR post match and like has already been said they were just making stuff up so that they didnt have to talk up city in anyway, you could almost hear the producers in to the hosts headphones, "talk about...
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    Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

    top work again jrb sent you a pm couple of nights ago
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    Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

    I think there could be an issue with big screens at the south end because the new corner pillars lean in to the bowl. To me it doesnt look like the screens can be in the same position behind the Tier 2 seats and at the same height?
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    Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

    Totally agree, great legroom and seat width, struggle to think of better at any ground I have been to
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    West Brom Vs City Post Match Thread

    Just want to say this
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