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    YouTube buffering issue.

    Hiya. I've recently got virgin fibre broadband. It runs well, 50mbps download, 5 upload. Believe me when I say its fantastic compared to the between 2 and 5 mbps I had previously, living in broadband black hole I guess. So, broadband is fine. Pages on Internet are quick to load. The boys ps4...
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    Bernard Taylor R.I.P

    A belting old, cantankerous, tactless giant of a man. Proper Salford rum'n. Took poorly just a week or two ago and was found to have passed away at home today. He was telling me a while back about the weight he'd pack on every week when he worked at the docks, I asked was it the lunchtime...
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    Tony Cascarino

    If there's a general thread to put individual rentagobs I apologise. Just wanted to put it out there that this idiot is surely laughing all the way to the bank with his inane insight and offerings on matters of a football nature on SSN. God he's a twat
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    East Midlands trains.

    Great staff on their trains
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    Help buying curtains

    As the title suggests, I'm after some advice/tips on buying curtains for my flat. However, I have a fairly large window it's five foot drop and ten foot wide! and I cannot find anything of these dimensions. I've resigned myself to buying two pairs of 'normal' size and utilising them the best I...
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    Kompany's business.

    Always wise to prepare for life after football although I think he's overlooking that we don't get a decent summer.
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    Manchester City movie. Mancini thinks it may be made.

    A few comments from him in a M.E.N article, how the 1-6 Derby win changed history and, how the 3-2 vs QPR could be made into a movie such was the circumstances of that game and its outcome. I think it would be a brilliant movie myself. A real tense nailbiter. I don't agree on the former though...
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    Lyca mobile.

    What's that all about then?
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    Sky Poll. Who is better Aguero or Sanchez

    SSN poll. Aguero vs Sanchez. Who's better? What are your thoughts? 61% in favour of Sanchez at the moment. @skysportsnewshq is the twitter #ssnhqaguero or #ssnhqsanchez is the hashtag to vote. I'm not sure ... Barcelona sold Sanchez but I would imagine they would love to have Aguero. One...
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    Happy new year

    Three and a half years old and it's still memorable. I'd like to be the first, this year, to be honoured enough to remind the forum of the twatting we handed the scum at their hovel Take that Jonny Evans!
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    swap shop

    Nothing to do with Noel Edmonds! I think the cellar could use one of these, especially with unwanted Christmas presents on the way and old stuff to be cleared to make way for the new. What do you guys think? Maybe you need to get hold of a mountain bike and have a fish pond pump sat about...
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    Plusnet+ down?

    I've checked their website on my mobile and the cunts have just said "lots of you have lost your broadband connection and our engineers are on the case, we'll update later" That's me sweating to watch the game later then.
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    Kate Bush.

    Have any of you been watching her programme on tonight? A legend, a gifted musician and utterly beautiful
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    new customers bet offer 3/1 for Argentina to win vs switz

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... D=10079483</a>
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    why do i like

    .. Big noses? I seen a beautiful young lady in Didsbury earlier and she had a pointy, longish,fleshy nose. And, I love 'em. I initially scoped out the tits pushing against the blouse. The womanly thighs shapely and supple under the jeans. She had an attractive face but it was the nose I was...
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    An idiot abroad...

    I'm the idiot. fuck me i don't even know where to start. ok. Back to the beginning. Got my tax rebate and decided itd be best spent on a holiday for me and junior strangewaysherewecome. What could go wrong? Click a few buttons on the internet and that's all you need to do, right? Hóla...
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    Sharpen the tines...

    Daily Nazi reporting that an un-named TV comic groomed a young man for sex who subsequently killed himself. Read more: <a class="postlink"...
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    Seen a lot of threads in the active topics section all with the word discuss in the title. What's your thoughts? Discuss.
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    Revenge of the egghead.

    Has anyone ever seen this? I've come in from work an its on beeb two. Looks like the same format as eggheads except there's only one egghead. The one who's a ****, C.J. By Christ that twat wants a good slap in the kite, what a smug fucking twat
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    I've been bitten by big PitBull type dog.

    Just about half hour ago. Went in this garden to deliver something and this dog flies out from behind a car onn drive and its had me. Claret everywhere. One bite to my hand, made a right mess. Owner eventually makes it downstairs and says i shouldn't have come through gate pointing to a sign in...
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