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    Leaking Tap (Mixer Tap Bathroom)

    Any plumbers on here? Got an annoying leak on mixer tap in bathroom. Normally you can take a little cap off and undo the screw to replace cartridge. On my unit I cant see a cap to access the grub screw. Am I missing something or have you got to change the whole tap unit? Any help much appreciated
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    Twisted Wheel (Band)

    Some people might remember this band supporting Oasis about 10 years ago. I seen them supporting Oasis at Heaton Park alongside Kasabian at Heaton Park. Well anyway the lead singer Johnny Brown had a bad time with drink and drugs (allegedly) and they want off the radar for a few years. He looks...
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    Maine Road (Football Away Days)

    Some great comments about Maine Road from rival fans (Apart from the usual Dippers and Rags). Got me all sentimental again. Don't half miss that place!
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    Claiming on mobile phone damage

    My Iphone has a smashed screen. I have phone damage cover with TSB. Does anyone know if you can get the phone fixed in a Carphone warehouse yourself and then claim back after OR do you have to send it off to get it fixed via the TSB phone insurance company. First world problem if I end up being...
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    Cities in the Park 1991

    Anyone at this gig? Never heard of some of these bands until watching this. Certain Ratio and New Fast Automatic Daffodils great tunes!! Mike joyce playing with the Buzzcocks. Great tune from Electronic as well.
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    Getting a picture put in the Match Programme

    Can anyone tell me how to contact the editor of the match programme to try and get a picture of my son in there? Its his first game for the Watford match and was hoping to get him in there. (Probably too late, as its probably already gone to press but I'll give it a bash)
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    DMA's (Band)

    What a band!! Starting to get big over in the UK now. Sydney based band who have gone back 20 years ago with the Britpop sound. Think of Oasis mixed with Stone Roses. Don't be put off by the lead singer looking like a chav. Great voice
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    Bristol City (A)

    Gutted that our section has sold out already. I would be really grateful for a couple of spare tickets, if anyone could kindly help. I'm actually working in Bristol and was made up when this tie was drawn and surprised it sold out out so quick. Regretting not choosing the league cup scheme now...
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    Team spirit

    You cant underestimate the Team spirit going on at City at the minute. Everyone to a man seems to be enjoying themselves and fighting for each other. You can see it on the bench with subs celebrating with backroom staff and no sulking from the subs. I loved Danilo and Zinchenko's reaction to the...
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    Black Dog Ballroom to watch the game?

    Watching the City game in here tomorrow, the one near Oxford Road station. Anyone been to watch football in here ? Just looking for somewhere decent sized and don't have to queue 15 minutes to get a beer. Or has anyone got any other decent recommendations to watch the game?
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    City Square bar

    What's happened to the bar which was adjacent to City square stage for the last few seasons? I noticed it was gone for the Liverpool game. That used to be spot on to get a quick couple of pints before the game. Has it gone for good or was it because of the early kick off time versus Liverpool...
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    The Charlatans new album/Gig tomorrow with Courteeners

    Fantastic new album (Different Days) from the Charlatans !! Anyone else going the gig tomorrow? Charlatans/Blossoms/Cabbage supporting Courteeners. After a tough week, its quite fitting 4 Manc bands playing in front of 50k in our home City.
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    Recommendations Family Holidays??

    Can anyone recommend any decent family all inclusive hotels preferably in Canaries or Balearics?
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    Wheel bearing failure

    Any advice much welcomed. I have a suspected wheel bearing failure. Basically I have a growling noise when doing high speeds on the motorway and talking to a few car fanatics point towards the wheel bearings. I have my car booked in for a service in early January but slightly worried in...
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    Funeral Etiquette

    Random question. Its my auntie's funeral on Friday and I don't own a black suit. Would it be acceptable to wear a Blue Suit or is that disrespectful?
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    Anyone go the gig at the Arena last night. I've seen them twice before and were amazing. Last night was a little disappointing in my opinion in regards to the order of there set list too many new songs after one another and seemed to lose the crowd for a while. Still great performers though
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    Really impressed with this band (Check out the single Storm) I seen Ian Cheeseman post a clip of them playing at City square last week. Is the lead singer (Martin Finnegan) the lad who does the the interviews on Blue Moon Rising TV?
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    Red or Blue? Clip from the famous Aguero moment

    Its an excuse to watch this clip again. Has me in tears every time. Only just noticed this though.Watch the bloke at the start of the clip with the blue and white striped T-Shirt on. He looks devastated and looks like he sneaks out when we score, 20 seconds later I'm sure the same guy is...
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    RIP Chris Shaw

    Sorry if any blue has already posted this. Just heard the shocking news that Chris Shaw has sadly passed away. Big blue from Droylsden. If any blue used to regular attend away games with the Droylsden branch they would have known Shawsy. Great character and pleased to have been in his company...
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    Manchester Playlist

    I've just added my own random Manchester Playlist on Spotify. I have tried not picking 2 songs from the same band unless they have reformed under a different name. The obvious songs may not have been picked but its my preference from the time of listening to the artist. With it being derby...
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