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    Dirty rags stole my disabled nephews scarfe

    Ok didn't need to say what car it was but I had to cos then you'll understand why all the rags were taking pics. Btw, regarding a lift to wolves that's my mate leon who is the biggest blue around. I've let him down for the wolves game so I said ask on here through my account and a fellow blue...
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    Dirty rags stole my disabled nephews scarfe

    Just come back from the swamp. I was stuck in traffic and I was in my Car, loads of rags taking pictures so I thought if they're gonna take a pic then I'll hang our scarves out of the windows so they can get them in their pic! A group of 5 rag cowards went to the passenger side and nicked my...
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    wovles away

    i need a lift to wovles next week if anybody can help message me please id be very grateful to anyone that can help cheers
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    J manford book signing

    Hi JM, my nephew and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening! Take Care, Akbar
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    Utd away sold out................

    My mate has a spare ticket in the city end. Pm me if you are interested. First come first served
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    Utd-away tickets for sale or wanted (merged)

    A friend of mine has offered me his but I managed to get 2 for me and my nephew. Pm me if anyone is interested and I can forward his number to you.
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    City vs United - fans

    Me- attend all matches home and away My rag neighbour- not been to a game all the years I've known him!
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    Kippax Blocks 111, 110 And 109 Banner (feedback please)

    "mcfc, the pride of Manchester" Or "the only football team from Manchester"
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    Atmosphere tonight

    East stand block 109 was going toe to toe (vocally) with Napoli. South stand was ok but the fact that the Napoli supporters were facing us most of the game it's clear who represented city on the terraces tonight (sorry south standers). The Napoli fans were brilliant at the end, clapping our...
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    I keep getting stared at

    I feel for you mate. I've got a guy next to me who talks to me through the whole game, I don't even know who he is!
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    109 on Saturday

    No trouble at all. I'm on row g. The lad who was carried out was out of his head and I felt the stewards were quite sympathetic and not heavy handed. All in all a good day. I'll see you all on Wednesday night!
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    Clichy song

    The song is definatley for those with an acquired taste of acquired I mean deaf!
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    Ticket Office

    I rang yesterday and waited 30 mins. But I managed to get my fulham away tickets so I'm happy :) However, the hold time is a bit long!
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    Ramadan Ends today, Eid is tomorrow

    Some of us are doing eid on Wednesday. So one more day of fasting!
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    Everyone get down to your local church/temple/etc.

    On my way to the mosque now.....
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    new song...

    How about a remake of an old classic blues song: We always win at home and we always win away We won last week and we won again today! We don't give a fuck cos were all pissed up! M.C.F.C OK!
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    Nasri [Merged] continued.

    Re: nasri on his way Welcome to Manchester mr nasri!
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    Robbie savage assaulted by rag

    Rag scumbags. Out of town cockney wankers!!!!
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    rag mate said thread

    "We have loyal fans" Ok. Plastics left, right and centre. Now the clubs going to Singapore with cap in hand like a big issue seller! Take yer fake fans and yer massive debt and your cockney Indians and stick your green and yellow scarfs up yer arse!
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    The Rags Latest Anti-City Song

    I'm not racist but......our fans speak English (sheikh included). End of
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