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    Incel Rebellion

    Anyone else beginning to think that Western Society is pretty much fucked? When I couldn't get a shag I just went home, put on a Smiths' album and cried. Toronto van attack: Facebook post may link suspect to misogynist 'incel' subculture Post appears to connect alleged killer with ‘incel’...
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    What Do They Physically Do When You Change Internet Provider?

    Currently moving from Sky to BT and as usual whenever BT are involved, something that should be fairly straightforward has ended up being a long drawn out tale of incompetence. Out of interest (and so I can detect their bullshit next time I call them up for a friendly chat), what do BT actually...
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    Unauthorised Wearing of Military Medals

    "Impostors who wear military medals they are not entitled to should be liable to criminal charges, MPs say..." I see they are discussing a bill in the Commons today that would make it a criminal offence to wear military medals that you are not "authorised"...
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    Happy The Queen is Dead Day

    30 years ago today the best album ever made was released. Where did all the time go?
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    Repeat Child Removals How is something like this allowed to happen? I know it is difficult and I'm sure there's mental health issues to blame in some of these cases but FFS there has to be a better way than just...
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    Davis Cup Final

    The British tennis fans are possibly the oddest bunch of cunts I've ever seen.
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    Isis Destroy Ancient Artefacts

    Allahu akbar. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 3310.html#</a> Isis followers...
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    Rhinitis Medicamentosa

    Anyone else had or got this. I think I have and it is getting right on my tits.
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    Anyone any idea what has gone on at Brentford? Mark Warburton is leaving at the end of the season and some of his staff have been put on gardening leave. All seems very odd considering they were promoted last season and are not far behind Bournemouth at the top of the Championship at the moment.
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    Denmark bans Bestiality

    Well that's fucked up my holiday plans for next summer. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... ex-animals</a> DENMARK is...
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    FIFA 15

    Anyone else getting this today? I hated FIFA 14 compared to 13 and sold it on Ebay after a couple of weeks. Hope this one is better.
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    B*llocking other people's kids

    What's the etiquette with this? My 8 year old just had a friend round for tea. The friend was being a right little twat so I gave him a bit of a bollocking. I know his parents let him get away with murder so I'm assuming they won't be happy. Is it ok to tell off other people's kids or should I...
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    Do you ever get the feeling

    that there is a moderator on here whose wife has exposed his bedside cock washing habits on Mumsnet?
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    Freedom of Information Act, question.

    Apologies for the boring nature of this thread. I applied to my local council for access to emails and letters regarding a proposed school closure under the freedom of information act. I have today received the bundle of stuff and it is pretty obvious to me that they have picked and chosen what...
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    Joe Corrigan

    I was only a little kid when he left City and was certainly too young to really judge how good he was. I know lots of blues say he was a genuinely great keeper but then every time I ever see any highlights of City matches from the late 70s/early 80s, they usually involve Joe Corrigan more or...
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    Going to see the doctor

    I have a fair idea that I'm going to regret starting this thread but sod it. I'm off to see the doc in a bit and given the nature of my visit I think it's almost certain he's going to stick his finger up my arse. I've been fortunate to avoid such an appointment thus far in my life but I can't...
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    Mississippi in 2012

    Utterly outrageous, how can shit like this still be happening in a country that has a black president? <a class="postlink" href=""...
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    QPR Major Announcement

    SSN saying they are making a major announcement at 3pm. Any ideas what it is about. I realise that a major announcement at QPR could be something like changing the make of pies they sell on a match day but I've got my hopes up now that they have signed RSC.
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    It seems I'm in trouble with the missus. A few of her friends and their families are going away on a camping holiday and have invited us. I have said not a fucking chance. Not only do I not like any of them but why the fuck would I want to go camping? Can someone please explain the appeal of...
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    I brush my teeth at least 3 times a day and I floss fairly regularly but as I get older I find that massive chunks of tooth fall out of my mouth at random moments. Today I was eating a chocolate digestive, a chocolate fucking digestive and a big piece of one of my molars came out. It started...
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