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    Everton away

    Sorry, mate, only just saw your reply. Sorry, train tickets gone too.
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    Everton away

    Got an adult and junior (u18) going spare cos me and my lad are both ill. Not bothered about getting anything for them but you'd have to collect from Whalley Range. Got some off-peak return train tickets too, one adult and one that needs a 16-25 railcard, if they're any use to somebody. **...
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    Ticket Office

    No. I made the mistake of going on a Sunday a few weeks ago.
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    Your thoughts on Alex Ferguson as a manager

    I would say Ferguson is the best British manager ever but just to put a bit of perspective on his days at Aberdeen he didn't just walk in and transform the club. They were already on the up before he arrived. Ally McLeod, despite being ruined by the 1978 World Cup Finals, was a really good...
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    Only City still undefeated after 15 games (this PL season)

    Re: Only Chelsea and City still undefeated after 8 games I hope Chelsea rip the rags to shreds next week. Chelsea do look the real deal this year and could go on to win it but I still feel every point dropped by the rags will count for a lot next spring.
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    This weekend's Premier League games

    We were better yesterday than the rags today. Newcastle were poor in the final third. Can still see them lot getting done by teams that press them in the middle.
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    Stirling Albion 1 - 0 Rangers.

    "worst result in their 140 day history." Taken from facebook but it made me laugh
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    United thread 2012/13 (inc merged IPO thread)

    Maybe only a testimonial but Scholes really fucked up for the first Aberdeen goal. Hopefully see many more of those this year.
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    Give us your best United jokes please!

    Family of rags walking down Market Street when the young son spots the City shop. That blue shirt looks fantastc, can I have one? Please. No says his Sister, giving him a whack on the face. Fuck off says his mum, punching him as hard as she can. His dad then throws him to the ground and gives...
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    People in 3rd Tier and People on lower tier please look in..

    I moved from 1st to third when my son started coming with me. If you're taking small or young children I recommend third cos even a 9 year old can still see when everybody stands up.
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    I hope we don't win the title next season

    I'd quite like a relaxing title win next year. How many of us have aged twenty years in the last couple of months.
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    The day is here!

    Heading into London to catch the 8:10 to Manc. Can't believe how much my stomach is churning. Might throw up or shit myself anytime...
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    Pathetic. Utterly pathetic.

    I think it's all a good laugh. Rags at work today got themselves into such a frenzy that they were convinced us losing to QPR was the most likely result. Panic well and truly set in. How many trophies they gonna win in the next ten years? I'm confident it won't be as many as us.
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    Will United get away with the dirty tricks?

    Didn't think it was possible to be shocked any more with the shit they get away with. That's unbelievable.
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    Mancini - Balotelli

    Read a couple of articles today that basically say Mario stamped on Scotty Parker's head. So much bullshit written about Mario. Despite his faults if Mario's the biggest nutter you've come across you must have lead a sheltered life.
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    Rags to lift title at The Etihad?

    If they can win it at ours we'll just have to stop em. Let's win the next three then smash em at ours and have one really good night before the end of the season.
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    We finished 9pts behind Manure last season

    Despite where we finished last season I never at any time thought we'd win the league. I've not quite given up on this season yet. Last season ended on such a high with the cup semi, clinching chumps lg, winning the cup and then snatching third off the arse. It's not always going to be that good...
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    scottish people

    I grew up in Scotland and have now lived 21 years (almost exactly half my life) in Manc. Reckon us jocks and you sassenachs are not too different really. Never had any bother for being a jock all the time I've lived here. Understand what somebody said earlier about friends with kids. No way...
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    will mario get a ban?

    I just asked my 8 year old if "shit" was a bad word. He told me to "fuck off" and asked if I'd make him a t-shirt with "I Am Mario" on it.
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