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    Colin Bell RIP (p18) BBC Football Focus tribute P138

    ....and has been for 10 weeks according to this tweet from his son. Apologies if already posted or if it's public knowledge but, i didn't know this...
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    Any car leasing experts? Need a sanity check

    Hi all, Just need a sanity check on excess mileage charges if anyone has experience of leasing. After a 330e leasing company wants £352.88 for 5k annual mileage over 48 months. £430.69 for 15k mileage (around what i'll use give or take a few miles) 5k: £352.88 15k: £430.69 Diff: £77.81 per...
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    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

    Anyone driven or got one of these? Considering buying one as I need a 'more practical family car' according to mrsbmcfc. Any (constructive) views on these. Got an Alfa Giulia at the minute and I love the thing.
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    Zidane resigns

    Interesting. Wonder who they'll go for. Poch?
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    Pablo Maffeo

    Manchester City‏Verified account @ManCity 1m1 minute ago Best of luck to @pablomaffeo who has signed for Bundesliga side VfB Stuttgart on a permanent deal. #mancity WTF
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    Citizens away match screening @ Legends Lounge

    See they are screening the Leicester game on Saturday. Anyone ever been to any of these? Are they any good? Thinking of taking the mrs, is there food available etc?
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    Tips for a Dad to be?

    So, Mrsbmcfc is currently working on our first, and will be 30 weeks on Saturday, so into the home stretch. Looking forward to it, though I do have the prospect of some weird classes looming, where I sit in a room full of pregnant women practising breathing. Sounds grim, but I expect it to be...
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    Chester Bennington RIP

    Stunned. Provided the soundtrack to my teenage years. Hung himself apparently. Can't believe it. Lead singer of Linkin Park for those who don't know.
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    FA Wales charged for Supporters wearing Poppies

    I might be alone here, but i'd have absolutely no problem if the FA suspended all footballing activity, at every level of the game, until the charges were dropped and an apology issued, however long that took, and i'm deadly serious. This is an absolute disgrace.
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    Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg

    Off to Southampton, about £13m. After reading Pep Confidential, i'm absolutely amazed we're not in for him. Pep absolutely raves about him in that book, but he went out on loan last year and now he's off to Southampton. Anyone know if the lad just didn't progress from Pep's first season at...
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    Best Full English in Manchester?

    Bit of a fork of the chippy thread. Don't tend to frequent the City Centre that much these days, but i'm off in there next month en route to the test match and want a decent full english to set the tone of the day. Wetherspoons aside, any recommendations for a good full english, likely to be...
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    Seasoncard Personalisation/"Member Since"

    Apologies if posted, can't see it. Just had an an email saying we can personalise our season card now. There's a new bit though, where we select the year we became a season ticket holder. Apparently it's only for those that have "Member Since Maine Road" on their seasoncards. You can actually...
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    Cheltenham Festival 2016 - Discussion Thread

    So not to clog up the tipser threads. See Vautour is in the Ryanair. Not good to have left it so late but it's the right race for him. All systems go for Djakadam in the GC! Any big fancies today?
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    David Shawcross RIP

    Just seen that David Shawcross has died. My Grandad's second cousin and one of the reasons my family are City fans. RIP.
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    Advice for Parking at the Apollo?

    Have parked at the Apollo car park in the past for gigs, off to Dynamo tomorrow. Wondered if anyone had any advice on where's best to park. Might be there a bit early before Apollo is manned and don't really wanna leave the car then buggar off for some food in town. Any recommendations of...
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    Car purchase advice

    If you had a budget of £20k, annual mileage of about 22k (therefore high economy essential), liked a bit of a sporty but comfort touch, what would you go for and why? Looking at a 320d Efficient Dynamics trim. Seem to circle around back to Audi's and Beamers but didn't really want either when I...
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    Match fixing? (Clip)

    Just saw this on twitter. Reminds me a little of that penalty given against Frontzeck against the rags! Funny but shocking at the same time.
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    Orlando, Fl - Places to stay?

    Looking at going to Orlando with the Mrs for the school holidays in April. Villa's\Condo's seem much cheaper than the hotel route. Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations on Villas, had one themselves, or friends have one etc. Looking in the disney area. Plenty of choice already for...
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    Sevilla (A) DIY Travel/Accomodation thread

    3rd Nov. Please post any decent flights, hotels, deals you find for this one. Best keep it to a seperate thread for ease of access and not to clog up the other CL threads. Only looked for a few minutes but you can get Direct to Seville From Stanstead and Returning to Gatwick for £68pp. For...
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    Anyone been to Reykjavik?

    Off in December to see the Northern Lights (hopefully). There for a few days, wondered if anyone had been and had any recommendations of places to go, things to do, places to eat etc. Cheers.
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