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    Whaley Bridge shooting

    I have been burgled once. I wasn't at home and neither were any of my family fortunately. The low life was never caught. He (I am assuming it was a male) ransacked my house and took money, jewellery and items with great sentimental value. My wife in particular was distraught for months. It...
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    The Co-op Live, next to the Etihad.

    49% Harry Styles owns 2%
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    The Co-op Live, next to the Etihad.

    At least you’ll see Lathums !
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    The Co-op Live, next to the Etihad.

    Absolute shambles. Total PR disaster + £9 a pint and £25 to park I’m sure the MUEN will be reminding everyone that CFG own half of it !!!!
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    Luton Town (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    I noticed that too.
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    Best butty

    Seeing as you are a corned beef fan try Corned Beef and Mango Chutney!! Absolute game changer. I strangely came across it in an English run bar in Nerja.
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    Are The Beatles and Queen overrated?

    Queen were the best band I’ve seen live. I was lucky enough to see them quite a few times. Never really got into the Beatles to be fair.
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    Canary Islands

    Tenerife. Just got back from 9 days in Golf Del Sur. 25 degrees and sunny every day. €2.50 a pint (€1.50 happy hour)
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    Queues outside M1 turnstiles and over the top security

    Exactly Security is required However having 5 stewards wanding people and another 5 stood doing nothing isn’t efficient.
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    Queues outside M1 turnstiles and over the top security

    It seems the million dollar question is will our M1 season tickets work at the N1 turnstiles? Some say they don’t others say they do. Only one way to find out.
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    Queues outside M1 turnstiles and over the top security

    The turnstile entrances and exits are not fit for purpose at M1. How they ever passed a safety check is beyond me. There simply isn’t enough turnstiles to cope with the amount of fans in the 45 mins leading up to kick off. As regards exits from the 3rd tier concourse to the stairs, if there were...
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    The Fred Dibnah question

    JR Hartley
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    WSL- Liverpool (H) 21st January KO 14:30

    Totally agree Joey
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    WSL- Liverpool (H) 21st January KO 14:30

    Has Sue Smith mentioned at all that she thought it was just outside the box?
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    Cole Palmer

    exactly this. We got very good money for him. one of our academy graduates is now a regular starter for Chelsea win win for both parties The beneficiary is Oscar Bobb I doubt we will ever regret letting Palmer go Good luck to the lad
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    First ever dog

    Springer Spaniel Working Cocker Spaniel Show Cocker Spaniel Depending on how much walking you want to do All fantastic temperaments and loyal
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    Work....who likes it.

    This just about sums me up too. I always remember one managers quote when he was questioned about a decision he had enforced that went completely tits up. Instead of holding his hands up and admitting he was wrong he said we need to move forward 'The toothpaste is out of the tube' Tosser! Anyway...
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    Liverpool (H) - Sat 25th Nov, 12:30 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    Read it again It clearly mentions tragedy chanting.
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    United Thread - 2023/24

    Let’s see where they are at Christmas. Some tough league games coming up along with must win games v Galatasaray and Bayern.

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