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    No team has ever won 4 consecutive Premier League titles... Until now

    They all speak manc don't they , they all said it was top In Liverpool they would say its boss In norf Landon it would say second again (115).
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    Ade Durham on Talksport

    He’s a turncoat who goes about his spew like a bird on the blob everyday is a new world . the mr Ben (kids cartoon from the 1970/s ) of sports journalism.
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    Classic city t-shirts

    Where did you get that? I’ve got to have one.
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    Happy 30th Birthday Mateo Kovačić:

    Happy birthday, soldier.
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    The goalkeeper situation

    It ain't broke bro so don't try to fix it.
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    Carlos Tevez rushed to hospital

    Get well soon the best grafter I ever watched and I mean ever, Show me anyone who worked harder than him in a city shirt , legend.
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    Real Madrid Champions League q/f 2nd leg (H) | Man of the Match

    He was walking a tightrope after that yellow he needed hooking.
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    Luton Town (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    It was pissing down
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    Luton Town (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    89 the summer of love
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    Wear all blue next week? Like Real did in white!

    You don’t say who’d o thought it amazing idea
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    Does anyone else feel like this?

    Been watching it in the pub now for a good few years
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    Liverpool (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    It’s tough at the top
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    Liverpool (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Go away u lightwieght can’t be arsed with the bullshit from the moaning muppets tell me a team that would be pissed off walking out of anfield with a point GO ON
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    New Season 3rd Kit - Oasis - Definitely Maybe

    The smell of piss would be overwhelming,maybe we are definitely to old now.
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    Father and sons who played for city

    Mike and Nicky summerbee
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    Does The Blue Moon Treble Banner Need Up Dating To 5 Trophies?

    Let’s keep the treble one and get a famous five one ( did you see what I just did there).
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    Terry Phelan's wondergoal v Spurs 1993

    Remember it well a pitch full of gazelle and semi flared needle cords and adidas first trackie tops what a goal by el tel he lived on the top of Dudley brew in Cheetham hill at the time sad day though .
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    Strongest Front 5?

    That’s your front five + 1 ?

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