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    FA Cup Final 2024 | Manchester Derby | Sat 25 May 3:00pm

    Didnt think they still existed
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    FA Cup Final 2024 | Manchester Derby | Sat 25 May 3:00pm

    I still do print at home tickets, but have to have cup matches on the phone. Its Load of bollocks.
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    FA Cup Final 2024 | Manchester Derby | Sat 25 May 3:00pm

    Maybe a stupid question. My sons Phone is broke, Can I add both his and my ticket to my google wallet or does it have to be 2 different phones ? Cheers.
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    I still cant make my mind up who i think is the bigger twat,,, Piers Morgan or Arteta..
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    Last manager who City fans really wanted sacked

    Hated Mark Hughes with a passion.
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    Season Tickets - 2024/25

    Was just about to ask this question as I thought i had read the email wrong. Cheers
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    United (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    I said the same, Worst United team i have ever seen.
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    Missing Dog Frankie

    Excellent news pal. x
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    Ref Watch City Games - 2023/24

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    The End of on Street Parking within walking distance of the Etihad

    Took me an hour and half to get home from the game today and i live 9 miles away at most.
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    Season tkt hacked?

    I still print my mine and my sons ticket game by game. We had problems with the season ticket on mobile, several times so just dont bother with it.
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    Missing Dog Frankie

    The Mrs & daughters have emailed pretty much every vet in the country. Hopefully one day x
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    Missing Dog Frankie

    I will tell the Mrs who is still broken to treat it as a joke from now on. Im sure it will help her. Cheers. x
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    Missing Dog Frankie

    9 months actually pal.
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    Missing Dog Frankie

    BBC want to do something now apparently and The MEN want to do some sort of follow up. x
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    Missing Dog Frankie

    Thanks pal. x
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    Missing Dog Frankie

    We have tried everything mate. Still get calls and supposed sightings but never anything concrete. x
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    PL Trophy Lift - hypothetical question

    Raheem Sterling you could have won that.......(again)
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    Missing Dog Frankie

    Thanks pal. Nothing new unfortunately. Still searching and not given up hope. x

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